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A Drive-Union who wondered Shin Yokozaki City. After having been discovered by the Mitsurugi Agency, the name "Artillery" was assigned to him and he was hunted down by Sleipnir, the agency's personal army, as they attempted to apprehend and cure him of his condition.

Lost: Memories

Artillery was eventually found by Touya Kagari and Mei Amanohokosaka. By the time he was found, he had already progressed to Phase Four and did not trust either of them after they introduced themselves. He attacked them both, but was knocked to his feet by Mei. Immediately afterwards, Artillery's crystal proceeded into Phase Five, meaning that he had gone beyond the point of return and that both Touya and Mei's mission had gone from capture to eliminate. Artillery battled against the apprehensive Touya but was bested and killed despite the increased power of his Drive.[1]


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