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Akane Teruhiko

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"Yeah, there's no way this idiot would be liked."[1]
Akane Teruhiko

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Akane Teruhiko



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Light blue


Novus Orbis Librarium


BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (non-playable)
BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War


BlazBlue: Remix Heart
BlazBlue: Variable Heart

Akane Teruhiko (アカネ=テルヒコ) is a soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium, formerly serving for the student council in the organization's Military Academy. He was the former roommate of Jin Kisaragi and Taro Sasaga'e, and now serves the NOL as a member of their Air Corps division.

Akane is one of the characters in the starting roster for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War.


Akane is a short young man with bright blue eyes, pale skin, and auburn hair that he partly keeps tied. In the Academy, he wore a white shirt with sleeves that stopped at his forearms and a sleeveless Academy jacket. The jacket was blue, and similar to a suit jacket. Instead of wearing the red cravat that most students wore, Akane wore a yellow ribbon around his collar.

For a time in the NOL, Akane wore the "jolting sapphire" NOL uniform to signify the division of military he served under - the Ars Magi division. He wore the blue NOL poncho over a white shirt and red tie. In this outfit, he also wore white trousers.

In BBDW, Akane appears as a Commander within the Air Corps division and now wears the appropriate uniform. He wears a white shirt that is strapped by red suspenders in an 'X' shaped fashion. Over this, Akane wears a long coat that is in the "triumphant return of the kingfisher" color scheme that is indicative of his division. This green coat has white strips on the cuffs, black belts on the hips, a large collar, and silver metal hemming. The coat has two bronze fixtures on the upper sleeves, underneath of which are black and red stripes in an 'X' fashion. Akane also wears white smart trousers and black heeled boots that reach up to just below his knees. These boots have steel toecaps and additional red 'X's on the top of the tongues. He additionally wears black gloves that stop halfway down his palms.


Akane has a sharp tongue, being critical of those around him, especially Taro. His words are not indicative of any ill intent, as he just speaks whatever is on his mind. He is very aware of his surroundings, making it difficult for people to do things around him without him catching notice.

Generally speaking, Akane worked hard because of his position on the student council, but is much more relaxed than Jin is.

Powers and Abilities

In BBDW, Akane never physically touches his opponent. Instead, he orders various small ships that are roughly half his size, to do the fighting for him. These ships fire bullets and missiles and are coordinated by Akane's hand directions. For more powerful attacks, Akane can command large ships flying overhead to barrage his opponent with missile strikes.

Shiori Kirihito noted him to be especially sharp, however, making it difficult to get close to Jin without him noticing. He was also one of the Ars Magus users that were gathered by Cypher Albar who have a high aptitude.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

Jin's classmate and roommate from his Military Academy days. He was also a member of the student council.[1]

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Profile

A young commander in the NOL's Air Corps. Innocently, he tends to say whatever crosses his mind. During his time at the Military Academy, he was close with his fellow members of the Student Council, Jin and Taro.

So close, they even shared a bath![2]


  • In the BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Character Poll, Akane placed 71st out of the 84 candidates, sharing the spot with Yuki Himezuru. He scored one place above Little Sister and Tomonori, and one place below Hinata Himezuru and Tenjo Amanohokosaka. He had 14 votes.
    • As of this poll, Akane is the least popular manga-exclusive character.
  • Akane's appearance in Variable Heart was revealed weeks before he made his debut in the manga. On his appearances in the BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Site, he was listed as one of the cast members. This happened once more for BBDW, where he was unintentionally leaked for the game on a livestream on January 28th, 2021, several weeks before the launch of the game.
  • Like Rachel Alucard, Akane never touches his opponents during gameplay, instead preferring his airships to attack for him. However, he can still be struck, unlike Rachel who uses Gii as a shield.
  • Some of Akane's moves in BBDW have a naming convention based around "-Decision- OF -Officer-", such "Decree OF Admiral"
  • Akane is illustrated in the following Grimoire for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War:


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