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Voice Actors

Yuuki Kaji (Japanese)
Mark Whitten (English)

Character Titles

The Assassin[1] (姿無き暗殺者)[1]

A young man shrouded in mystery, known as "The Assassin" and feared by many. As though under the command of someone else, he challenges people who possess certain powers to duels, his identity and objective remains unknown.[2]

A speed-type character, he specializes in closing the distance for quick, close-up attacks. "Captive Segment", a projectile that fires after some time passes, allows him to attack from both sides.[3]

Command Lists

Name Command
Smart Combo
Smart Combo 1 A · A · A · A
Smart Combo 2 B · B · B · B
Smart Combo 3 In mid-air A · A
Special Attack 1 ↓ during ←←
Special Attack 2 → during ←←
Reversal Action
Acute Ambush A + D simultaneously
Captive Segment ↓↘→ + A or B (Air OK)
Dual Piercing Vengeance ↓↙← + A or B
Piercing Penetration In mid-air ↓↙← + A or B
→ Follow-up Attack A or B or C during A Piercing Penetration
Extra Skill (Takes 1 skill gauge)
EX Captive Segment ↓↘→ + C (Air OK)
EX Dual Piercing Vengeance ↓↙← + C
EX Penetrate In mid-air ↓↙← + C
Distortion Skill (Takes 2 skill gauge)
Chained Nefarity ↓↘→ + B · C simultaneously
Last Rite Execution ↓↙← + B · C simultaneously
Distortion Skill · Duo (takes 2 skill gauge)
Chained Nefarity P during main character's Distortion Skill





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