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The eternally loyal servant of Kagura Mutsuki. Hibiki is one of the Kohaku, a family of assassins who have served the Mutsuki for generations with unwavering loyalty. Hibiki serves Kagura as his assistant by running errands and generally making life easier for his superior. Despite their obvious differences in personality, Hibiki unquestionably admires the Black Knight. The Kohaku family is hardly ever mentioned in history books,[1] but Jin, Hakumen, and Mai[2] are aware of his family's existence.

Ikaruga Civil War

Collisions, Determination, Spiral Shift

In 2197, during the Ikaruga Civil War, Hibiki delivered a report to Kagura amidst a large number of guards from the Zero Squadron that had been stationed around the branch. The report detailed the NOL's rejection of the Ikaruga Federation's offer for a truce, something that Kagura had predicted. Hibiki noted how looters, in the aftermath of the destruction of 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, had begun destroying Ars Magus ships and causing general mayhem, leading Kagura to suggest that they be taken to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi as refugees. Hibiki respectfully disagreed and left soon afterwards, but promised to return once he had more to report. However, he did inform the Zero Squadron guards outside about Kagura's plan for the refugees' relocation.[3]

In the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu, Hibiki went to greet the recently arrived Jin Kisaragi on behalf of Kagura. He crept up silently on Jin, the latter only becoming aware of Hibiki's presence once he announced himself. Shocked and angry, Jin threatened to kill him should he ever sneak up again on him, but nonetheless willingly followed Hibiki back to Ibukido.

Under Kagura's orders, Hibiki assembled the armies located in Ikaruga to take out Tenjo Amanohokosaka. He regrouped with Kagura to discuss how Jin wielded the Nox Nyctores - Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa. Later, a skirmish with Sector Seven allowed Hibiki and Kagura to move Homura Amanohokosaka safely out of Ikaruga and into hiding. The two acted under the false pretense that Kagura had been severely injured by Iron Tager. Hibiki scolded the guards of the Zero Squadron harshly and, using the flow of the moment, was able to dismiss them, allowing Kagura to leave Ikaruga even though the guards had been ordered to prevent it. Once on the ship with Homura safely stowed away, Hibiki criticized Kagura's awful acting. After they returned to Yabiko, Kagura apologized to him and asked for his assistance on yet another plan, to which Hibiki retorted that Kagura needed his help on everything, but soon after he told Kagura that he would always be by his side. [4]

When Kagura and Hibiki organized an operation to "capture" Tager, Jin found himself in their way. Hibiki was present when Kagura jokingly chastised Jin. [5]

Variable Heart

Hibiki greeted Mai Natsume, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, and Tsubaki Yayoi when they arrived in the 2nd Hierarchical City of Iwatsuchi's NOL branch for Jin Kisaragi's medal ceremony right after the end of the Ikaruga Civil War. By this time, Hibiki had been promoted to captain. Mai was shocked upon meeting him, as she knew about Hibiki's family and their hidden trade as assassins, but she didn't say anything. Hibiki put the girls to work helping with the medal ceremony. After telling Tsubaki about Jin's promotion by two ranks, Hibiki began to help her with some of her work. Around this time, Meifang Lapislazuli lured Mai into a trap under the guise of Hibiki's orders, of which Hibiki was not aware.

Chrono Phantasma

Chrono Phantasma

Under Kagura's orders, Hibiki was to bring Jin back to the Yabiko branch, as his assistance would allow Kagura's planned coup d'état to go more smoothly. He discovered Jin lurking in the 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Kou and snuck up on him, once again surprising the other when he announced himself right behind him. After the two reacquainted, Hibiki delivered a letter to Jin detailing what Kagura wanted. Jin asked about the city and its weather system, and Hibiki told him that the city's weather control had been damaged along with the cauldron inside the local NOL branch. Jin then refused the request and asked Hibiki to take him to the cauldron instead. Hibiki told Jin that he'd suspected he'd say no, so he would simply follow Jin everywhere until he agreed to come with him.[6] Once at the cauldron, Jin requested that Hibiki stay near the entrance, and Hibiki complied. After hearing a commotion, Hibiki hurried to meet up with a now-injured Jin, unknowingly interrupting his battle with Relius Clover. Jin told Hibiki that the situation had changed, and requested to be taken to see Kagura.[7]

When they arrived, Hibiki and Jin met up with Kagura and Kokonoe. Hibiki gave his report to Kagura, informing him of the Colosseum's status and the twelve guards watching Tsubaki's every move. He then apologized to Kokonoe in advance for any damages sustained to her equipment in the Colosseum, before stating that Makoto was also being watched per Kagura's orders. Hibiki also nonchalantly told Kagura that the electricity bill was an "astronomical" amount, and that Kagura would be paying for it out of his personal bank account. A little while afterwards, he scolded Ragna the Bloodedge and Celica A. Mercury for taking two hours to get to the main office of the Yabiko branch when the prison district was a mere ten-minute walk away; however, he did offer to take Ragna to Kushinada's Lynchpin if he needed guidance.[8]

On the night before the planned Colosseum tournament, Hibiki put his cooking skills to use and made a buffet for Kagura, Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Nago, Gii, Taokaka, Makoto, Kokonoe, and Celica. Rachel thanked him for the meal, calling it outstanding and thoroughly complimenting him for his cooking prowess; she was so impressed that she trusted Hibiki to select a brew of tea for her.[9] Hibiki later scolded Ragna for suddenly bursting into Kagura's office, and looked on as Ragna threatened Kokonoe after learning that Celica was the key to activating Kushinada's Lynchpin. At that time, Hibiki was introduced to Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Rachel's butler and a former member of the Six Heroes.

As he had offered earlier, Hibiki guided Ragna, Noel, and Celica to the entrance of Kushinada's Lynchpin, but soon left to return to Kagura and Homura's side.[10] However, after a battle at the Yabiko branch, he was restrained by Nine the Phantom and Hades: Izanami while trying to defend Homura alongside Kagura and Jin. After retraining him, Izanami was able to viciously attack and injure Kagura before Hibiki was able to rush to his aid.[11]

After the loss of seithr in the air due to the activation of Kushinada's Lynchpin, Hibiki helped gather survivors together to better preserve resources. He praised Homura for managing to hold the NOL together, and noted that the Amaterasu Unit and Embryo were floating above Yabiko. He also informed Kagura that Jin was in critical condition after his battle with Ragna. He then connected Kagura and Kokonoe via intercom so they could freely communicate about future plans.[12]

Sector Seven

Kokonoe arrived in Yabiko with Celica A. Mercury as a guest. Hibiki prepared special candy for Kokonoe but later chastised the two after they accidentally made Celica's presence known to Izanami. Since Celica was their ace for defeating the Imperator, he reminded them of the courtesy that Kagura had shown them. He later reported the details to Kagura all at once.[13] At some point later, Hibiki told Kagura that another Duodecim household had come to their side, but was interrupted by Kokonoe, who made them aware that Izanami's intervention had begun, worrying them.[14] Kokonoe also reminded them both that Izanami likely knew about their rebellion because of the interventions.[15] He also delivered a report to Kokonoe and Kagura concerning the rising seithr levels in Ikaruga over the last few days.[16]

Central Fiction

Arcade Mode

He was born into the "Kohaku" family, a branch family of the "Mutsuki" household of the Duodecim. When he was born, it was decided he would "serve the head of the Mutsuki family." In the beginning he resisted it, but after meeting "Kagura Mutsuki" he accepted that fate and now willingly serves Kagura. Ever since then, he has supported Kagura as a secretary.[17]

Act 1: Phantom of Labyrinth

Stage 3: Bullet

Homecoming -Orient Town-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-19

Bullet: Hey, you there. Stop.

Hibiki: Hm? You're Professor Kokonoe's... I haven't received any reports of your activity in this sector.

Bullet: And you're Hibiki Kohaku. Sorry, but I'm stopping you right here.

Hibiki: What do you mean by that? I do believe our... or rather, Lord Kagura's and Professor Kokonoe's interests are aligned. So, why?

Bullet: I don't have the authority to answer that question.

Hibiki: I see... which means this is Professor Kokonoe's order. I have no idea what you are trying to do, but... If you intend to betray Lord Kagura, then I must act accordingly.

<Hibiki Victory>

Bullet: G'uh... Just as one would expect from the Black Knight's right hand man. I've let my guard down...

Hibiki: Now, don't make me ask you again. Why do this? Depending on your answer, I must take the appropriate recourse against both you and the Professor.

Bullet: My mission's already complete. Heh, too bad.

Hibiki: Complete...? Hm, then it is exactly as you've said... Your mission was to simply waste my time... Right now, it is more important for me to track down Captain Hazama, but still... Both of your goals should be the same. So why would Professor Kokonoe give you that order? Have her interests changed? ...I should report this to Lord Kagura, just in case.

Stage 6: Jin Kisaragi

Cathedral -Layer-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-1

Hibiki: You're... Captain Kisaragi? What are you doing here?

Jin: Hibiki...? No, Captain Kohaku.

Hibiki: I demand an answer. You've defied our organization's orders and were AWOL this entire time. What brings you to this branch? And why now?

Jin: What difference would it make, whether you know?

Hibiki: ...? I fail to comprehend your intention, Captain Kisaragi. There are orders for your arrest from HQ. I hope that you will accompany me voluntarily...?

Jin: Sorry, Captain Kohaku... but there's something I must do.

Hibiki: What is it? I do not understand the circumstances, but... if you fail to follow these orders, I must resort to more drastic measures.

Jin: Hmph. I would advise against that. You know that you are no match for me... Don't make me prove it.

Hibiki: You are right—I am not confident in this fight; however, I cannot simply walk away from a traitor.

<Hibiki Victory>

Jin: Argh...!

Hibiki: ...

Jin: ...Why sheathe your blade?

Hibiki: Your movements. Clearly, you are holding back. Please explain your motivation to me, Captain Kisaragi. Why do this?

Jin: ...

Hibiki: ...You insist on silence, then? Then at the very least, please explain yourself to Lord Kagu—

Jin: ...Hazama is not far from here. That's what you're after, right?

Hibiki: Captain Kisaragi?

Jin: Let me warn you... Hibiki, be careful with that man.

Stage 7: Hazama

the Gate -Not Possible-
13th city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-0

Hazama: Yes, yes... So this is where the Azure is... Noel Vermillion is... Ah-ha, it makes sense... Wait, someone's coming...

Hibiki: There you are, Captain Hazama.

Hazama: Well well well, if it isn't Captain Kohaku. What's Colonel Mutsuki's secretary doing in a place like this?

Hibiki: I can ask you the same. This space is under the Mutsuki Clan's domain, which means it's off limits to you. And I don't recall you having permission.

Hazama: Ah, well, you see the thing is... I'm on a super secret mission.

Hibiki: Super secret...? So secret that even the head of the Duodecim and leader of the Praetorian Guard cannot know? I'm afraid I must stop you right there.

Hazama: Oh my... the Duodecim has that right now? Besides, this may be under Mutsuki's domain, but remember, this is still NOL property. I think it's strange that you would be so possessive of it. At any rate, all you must know is that I am operating under the orders of General HQ. Soooo... you better get out of my way, lapdog.

Hibiki: General HQ. Hm... I see.

Hazama: Um, yes?

Hibiki: I find it extremely hard to believe you right now... Thus, I am placing you under arrest.

<Hibiki Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 01.png

Hazama: Owww... ow ow ow. You didn't have to be so rough...

Hibiki: You're coming with me, Captain Hazama.

Hazama: Uh-huh... you hear that? What should we do?

Hibiki: ...?

Hazama: Oh, don't worry. Just talking to myself. More importantly... You're still operating under fake orders... Heh heh heh. How humorous, indeed.

Hibiki: What're you talking about?

Hazama: No, you see... I really have no idea what's motivating you to fight, you see. For Colonel Mutsuki...? Or so you say, but is it for yourself? I don't know. All I see is emptiness.

Hibiki: ...And I thought you were better than this.

Nine: He has a point. You really are empty... What a dull man.

Hibiki: ...!?

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Phantom Field

Nine: People live to make their dreams come true, do they not? Is there any significance to living as an empty shell?

Hibiki: I don't know who you are, but... I'm afraid you're misunderstanding something. I exist for someone else. So, if it is okay for one to have a desire, then my master's wishes are my own.

Nine: It's impressive how well you play the role of a servant. But for a man to live unlike himself is still humorous nonetheless. Hm. So, if I kill your master, Kagura Mutsuki. Does that mean I'll get to see YOUR true desire?

Hibiki: ...I will never allow that.

Nine: Your expression... it changed. Finally showing your true colors? I sense overwhelming murderous intent. Very well... why don't you show me what drives you!?

<Hibiki Victory>

Nine: Hehehe... Now, I'm certain. Your own desire exists, deep within you it sleeps. That is how you became one of the chosen.

Hibiki: ...You're persistent. I've made myself clear. I have no such desire.

Nine: Oh, really? Then what about something like...this?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 02.png

Hibiki: What...!? Lord... Kagura...?

Nine: This much murderous intent, and yet... You truly believe you have no desire?

Hibiki: I refuse to believe it...! I would never wish this of Lord Kagura...

Nine: Yet you cannot deny... You tried to kill that man once before. That is the truth...

Hibiki: Th-That's...!

Nine: The purest form of murder... Not anger, remorse, or even revenge... just, murder. This is your dream... Unwavering, a pure and efficient instrument...

Hibiki: That's not true, I—!

Nine: Are you afraid to lose it now?

Hibiki: ...!

Nine: Hehe, then in that case...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 00(A).png

Nine: Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator... No—Izanami must be defeated. By your hands.

Hibiki ACT1 END

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Iron Tager

The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.01-the basement

Kokonoe: Hm? Hibiki.... Didn't expect to see you here. What do you want?

Hibiki: I'm sure you already know why I'm here, Professor Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: ...Is this about Kagutsuchi?

Hibiki: I'll cut straight to the chase. Why did your mercenaries hold us back?

Kokonoe: I couldn't have you get in the way of what was about to happen there...Even though it ended up not happening. And, to confirm something. How to recreate this world.

Hibiki: Defeat Hades Izanami and obtain the Azure to make one's wish become real. Are you suggesting what she said is actually true?

Kokonoe: Who knows...but I can't argue that that witch is the closest thing we have to the truth.

Hibiki: ...? You mean you know exactly what she is?

Kokonoe: ...Nope.

Hibiki: I see... Regardless, I cannot trust your actions. I must remove you from the picture, so that you may not interrupt Lord Kagura again.

Kokonoe: Well, shit...you got me. Hey Tager, decommission this guy.

Tager: ...Roger that.

<Hibiki Victory>

Tager: G'uh... I'm sorry, Kokonoe.

Hibiki: ...Why do you not retaliate with everything you have?

Kokonoe: Because you're not my enemy.

Hibiki: ...Very well. I shall not report this to Lord Kagura...yet.

Kokonoe: Wait, Hibiki.

Hibiki: Yes?

Kokonoe: Are you after the Azure...to make your dream real?

Hibiki: No. I'm afraid I have no such desire. I'm empty, after all...

Stage 6: Tsubaki Yayoi

Lakeside Port
The 7th hierarchical city -KAZAMOTSU- Block.08

Tsubaki: Captain Kohaku!

Hibiki: First Lieutenant Yayoi? I thought you were on a mission to Kagutsuchi.

Tsubaki: I can say the same for you, Captain.

Hibiki: Of course... It looks like quite a lot of us were teleported to Ikaruga.

Tsubaki: Yes... By the way, sir, what were you doing in Ikaruga?

Hibiki: Why do you ask?

Tsubaki: ...I'm really sorry, sir, but...there are orders for your and Colonel Mutsuki's arrest. I'll have to ask you to come with me.

Hibiki: ...!?

Tsubaki: This is by decree of the Imperator. If you resist, I will detain you by force.

<Hibiki Victory>

Tsubaki: G'aah... As expected from Colonel Mutsuki's second in command...

Hibiki: First Lieutenant Yayoi. Can you be certain that decree is genuine? I find it odd that the capture of our Colonel would be assigned to a lower ranking officer. What are the charges?

Tsubaki: I only receive and carry out the orders... I would never question a direct command from our Imperator!

Hibiki: Please, calm down... Who gave you this order?

Tsubaki: ... Captain Hazama, from Intelligence.

Hibiki: Naturally... It would seem he's caught onto our movements already. Which must mean...they're after the Azure, as well...? I can't imagine this event would benefit Lord Kagura in any way... Excuse me, First Lieutenant Yayoi. It seems I cannot yet be captured. If you'll excuse me.

Tsubaki: Wait right there, Captain Kohaku...! K'uh...!

Stage 7: Azrael

Blockaded District
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.14

Azrael: Hmm? I've seen you before. Where was it...?

Hibiki: You're...the Mad Dog Azrael...!

Azrael: Ah, of course! You're Kagura's right-hand man. Heh heh heh... I think you'll make the perfect appetizer for my meal.

Hibiki: Didn't you cause enough chaos here during the Ikaruga Civil War? Why are you back? I thought you were sealed away... Never mind that... I'm more concerned about your statement, earlier. Might you be after Lord Kagura?

Azrael: After him...? Nah, I just wanna sink my teeth into his flesh. All the strong fighters in this world are my prey and he seemed to be a cut about the rest.

Hibiki: If you mean to stand in Lord Kagura's way... Then I shall dispose of you here and now.

Azrael: Dispose...? Hah, now it's gettin' interesting. Show me what you're made of! You're one of the so-called chosen, right? Then this should be interesting!

<Hibiki Victory>

Azrael: F'hahaha...! Not bad at all! Just what I expected from the Black Knight's right-hand man.

Hibiki: ...Kuh...

Azrael: But you're still holding back, right? Please tell me you are.

Hibiki: I cannot let this man get close to Lord Kagura... It seems the only way I can do that, is to kill him.

Azrael: ...Hmph. Outta time. I thought we could get in another round, but...I have a pact to honor. So long, kid!

Hibiki: —!? What on earth is happening...!?

Stage 8: Izanami

Sight of Gods
Central Core

Hibiki: The Imperator...? No, Izanami...! I see... All the chaos and lapse in information was your doing...

Izanami: Hehe... Don't get the wrong idea. The Master Unit created this world.

Hibiki: Master Unit...?

Izanami: Correct. Now that the Master Unit has appeared before us... an infinity of Embryo are converging into one. The same reason why your memories are back.

Hibiki: ...What do you want?

Izanami: Will that information change anything? What can you possibly do?

Hibiki: If you do anything that would go against Lord Kagura's wishes, then my only duty is to dispose of you. Like the rest...

Izanami: You do say some interesting things... How could a human possibly dispose of death itself!? Well, I say in your common tongue... Give it your best shot.

<Hibiki Victory>

Izanami: Brilliant... I've witnessed your strength as one of the chosen. It seems I must show you the end of this world.

Hibiki: Regrettably, I've no interest in either the Azure or the world.

Izanami: Can you still say the same after witnessing THIS!?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 03.png

Hibiki: —Wha!? Lord Kagura!? Urgh! Your illusions will not deceive me!

Izanami: What I am showing you is no illusion... It is real.

Hibiki: ...!? Impossible, I won't believe it!

Izanami: Kagura Mutsuki... ...will be executed as a traitor to the state and the people. Political powers with roots this deep cannot be easily overthrown. No matter what Kagura may try... This is his fate.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 04(A).png

Hibiki: ...Lies!

Izaami: This is no lie. The wounds from the Ikaruga Civil War run deeper than you think. ...I doubt... ...even the power of the Azure can make the Civil War disappear from history.

Hibiki: ...

Izanami: For that very war... ...has control over the destiny of the strongest of the chosen. Unless this person is killed, Kagura Mutsuki will die. Always.

Hibiki: Who... who is the strongest among the chosen?

Izanami: Someone you know very well. The one you call, Successor to the Azure.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Noel Vermillion Arcade 03.png

Izanami: Noel Vermillion. She is the one who restrains the possibilities in this world.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 04(B).png

Hibiki: You're suggesting that by killing Miss Noel... I can change the future you showed me?

Izanami: Hehehe... Absolutely.

Hibiki Act 2 END

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Tsubaki Yayoi

Hanging Gardens -After-
13th city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-2

Tsubaki: Captain Kohaku... What brings you here?

Hibiki: Major Tsubaki Yayoi... I must say I'm impressed you sensed my presence so quickly. Not many can do that... Or shall I chalk this up to the Sealed Armament, Izayoi's strength?

Tsubaki: I see you have no intention of answering my question... Let me rephrase. Captain Kohaku... Do you intend to ask me Noel's whereabouts, find her, and kill her?

Hibiki: ...If I say yes, what will you do?

Tsubaki: If it is Noel you need, I will find her and take her into custody. Please, let me handle this.

Hibiki: Naturally...because she is your friend, I assume... But that is exactly why I cannot trust you. Your interests may very well be conflicted.

Tsubaki: ...K'uh. Then I will stop you with all that I have. I swear on the Izayoi that I will...

<Hibiki Victory>

Tsubaki: No...!

Hibiki: From your reaction, I will assume you don't know where Noel is right now. I have no intention of partaking in your effort to buy her time. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Tsubaki: Wait right there, Captain Kohaku!

Hibiki: ...Yes?

Tsubaki: Does Mister Kagura know what you are trying to do?

Hibiki: That has nothing to do with you.

Stage 6: Kokonoe

Blockaded District
5th city -IBUKIDO- Block.14

Kokonoe: How screwed up is this world...? There's information discrepancy on a personal level, too...? Heh, I've finally found you, Hibiki.

Hibiki: Professor Kokonoe...? I hardly expected you to join the fray, personally... Can I help you?

Kokonoe: I'll cut straight to the chase... You better not kill Noel Vermillion.

Hibiki: And why is that?

Kokonoe: It will serve no purpose.

Hibiki: Serve no purpose...? She's the very source of the distortion in this world.

Kokonoe: Eliminating Noel Vermillion will not change this world. You'll play right into Izanami's hands.

Hibiki: ...Without any alternatives, I'm afraid my course remains unaltered.

Kokonoe: You're one of the Kohakus, alright... As belligerent as the last.

<Hibiki Victory>

Kokonoe: I see I need to make myself perfectly clear... You're overlooking a vital piece of the puzzle.

Hibiki: ...What might that mean?

Kokonoe: Noel Vermillion is Observing this entire world. Which means...

Hibiki: ...You erase her, and there will be no one to Observe the world.

Kokonoe: Exactly. Destroying her means destroying the world. Besides, you are incapable of killing her.

Hibiki: Then I simply need to become an Observer with the Azure I've obtained.

Kokonoe: ...Impossible—! You're out of your mind...

Hibiki: But of course... It is my duty to use any means necessary to accomplish my goal. ...Now, if you'll excuse me. There are many other matters to which I must attend to.

Stage 7: Noel Vermillion

Soulless Monument
5th city -IBUKIDO- Underground

Hibiki: I had a hunch after my encounter with Professor Kokonoe, but... ...Here you are, Miss Noel. Noel Vermillion...

Noel: Captain Kohaku!? Wh-What are you doing here...?

Hibiki: Hm... Your memory is the only one still affected by the Embryo in this world... Is that a by-product of your being an Observer?

Noel: Um... Captain Kohaku? What on earth are you talking about? ...! You mean... You're after my life, too...?

Hibiki: Forgive me, Miss Noel. But I must eliminate you, on behalf of my master.

<Hibiki Victory>

Noel: Please, stop this, Captain! Why are you doing this...!?

Hibiki: Not even a hint of feedback... I see Kokonoe was telling the truth about not being able to kill you... There is no way to kill an Observer of this world... Hm. But that doesn't mean I've given up entirely. I will continue to kill you... No matter how many tries it takes.

Hazama: You know, there is such a thing as being TOO loyal, Captain Kohaku.

Hibiki: Wha... You're...!?

Stage 8: Hazama

Soulless Monument
5th city -IBUKIDO- Underground

Hazama: It's not good for business when a lapdog cuts their leash and runs wild. You're a pet, so it's time you behaved like one.

Hibiki: Captain Hazama...

Hazama: I'm not sure if you were trying to hide it, but it's quite obvious to the rest of the world... you've ignored Colonel Mutsuki's orders and are acting on your own right now... You sure that's okay? I mean, disobeying your master's a pretty big deal, right? Or do you have some scheme you don't want him to know?

Hibiki: Your provocation is starting to sound like a threat. It really gets on my nerves, you know... The way you pretend to care about Lord Kagura's vision.

Hazama: Aww, did I make the little puppy mad? Well, excuse me!

Hibiki: I ask you spare me the condescension. I'm nothing like you... All that I do is for Lord Kagura. Treating me like some common rebel is...quite appalling.

Hazama: What you do is all for Colonel Kagura!? Ahaha... Are you SURE about that? From where I'm standing, it looks like you wanna take the Azure for yourself, and KILL the Colonel.

Hibiki: ...You have a tendency to talk too much... How about I teach you the value of silence?

<Hibiki Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 05.png

Hazama: I see... This is the strength of...the Kohaku. I'm surprised. Very surprised, considering you're just a servant! Your moves are very sharp!

Hibiki: I despise your arrogant attitude.

Hazama: What's this, what's this? Is this what you look like when you're angry? I think I just saw the face of an assassin... Oooooh, scary.

Hibiki: ...! What do you want, Captain Hazama!? Why are you here!?

Hazama: Why? Let's see...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 06(A).png

Hazama: Let me try to make this as clear as possible. You shouldn't be working under someone... So, why not just kill Colonel Mutsuki?

Hibiki: ...Wha!?

Hazama: It looks to me like right now... ...you're living a life you abhor. Why choose this lifestyle? Willingly, no less... I cannot begin to comprehend.

Hibiki: ...Why would you even know that?

Hazama: There it is with the "whys" again. You really like to know why... Why, why, WHY!? But... You're mistaken if you think all the answers are right here.

Hazama: Let me give you a little hint... on the house. Tsubaki Yayoi's Izayoi... ...Can kill Noel Vermillion. And if you can get your hands on the Azure... What you do will be entirely up to you. Yes, let's say...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Hibiki Kohaku Arcade 02.png

Hazama: ...Even killing Colonel Mutsuki? Heh heh heh...

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Hibiki: ...!

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Hibiki brought Makoto and Tager to Kagura's office per his lord's request, and Kokonoe explained all the events that had happened in the last few months. Hibiki was then ordered to place soldiers on observation of the Embryo. He was also tasked with tracking down Ragna and Izanami.[18] Before long, Hibiki and many others were absorbed into the Embryo, and his memories were altered to believe that Kagura was the Hero of Ikaruga, that the date was 12/31/2199, and that Ragna was still a threat to the NOL.

Hibiki debriefed Tsubaki, Noel, and Makoto on their mission to find Jin and to capture Ragna. He was paired with Tsubaki to search for Jin. [19] Much later on, he let Kokonoe into the main branch and issued her a fake ID so she wouldn't be apprehended. He later left the branch with Kagura before it was attacked by Hakumen. Not long afterwards, Hibiki was transported to Ikaruga and told by Nine to kill Izanami so he could claim his piece of the Azure. He also rendezvoused with Kagura, Kokonoe, and Tager in Yabiko to discuss the discrepancies in their memories, briefly leaving so he could order NOL squadrons to not pursue Ragna, before telling Kagura about Noel's position.[20]

When the Amaterasu Unit descended into the Embryo, Hibiki's memories returned. He found Celica stumbling inside the Yabiko branch and brought her to Kagura's office. [21] He told of him perceiving that he had to kill Noel in order for his dream to be fulfilled, and was later ordered to direct Tsubaki and Makoto to apprehend Ragna. [22] While the main group of Kagura and Kokonoe's force journeyed to Japan, Hibiki directed Mai to an airship to guard Homura. [23] Later on, he was also sent to protect His Highness under Kagura's orders. [24]He later dissolved into seithr and his data was backed up by Es.

In the new world created by Ragna, Hibiki was present at an NOL ceremony which Homura presided over, along with Kagura and Jin. [25]


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