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"You can be casual with me and call me Raabe. Raabe-chan is fine too. I'm useless in battle, but I'm dependable and cute.

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BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Raabe (ラーベ), short for Astrolabe (アストロラーベ, Asutorābe), is an Independent Thought Unit with a personality based on Kagami Hajou. Raabe assists Rei and Ciel Sulfur with their dives into Phantom Fields.


Raabe is a mechanical eye-like orb made with interlocking red and white panels with yellow and black decals. She has a single red eye, with a heavy lidded "eyelid". Two small antennae resembling rabbit ears are on her head. She has a small sigil inscribed on the top of her spherical body between these ears. Two small panels underneath her eye resemble fangs. She is capable of emoting with her eyelid, expressing shock and anger.


Due to Raabe having her personality based on Kagami, she shares several of her mannerisms and her personality. She considers herself cute and dependable, and exudes self-confidence. She has a great deal of knowledge about Observers, Phantom Fields, and Drives. Raabe is keenly aware of her surroundings and social situations, and tries to keep both Ciel and Rei out of trouble; this task can be difficult due to the pair's inexperience of the world around them, meaning that Raabe is often in charge of the situations at hand.

Despite having Kagami's personality, the two do not share the same thoughts and Raabe is an independent existence.

Powers and Abilities

As an Observer, Raabe is capable of some level of Phenomenon Intervention, including the ability to mimic teleportation by transporting a small group from one area to another.[1] She is incapable of doing any real fighting and most of her power comes from the vast amount of knowledge she possesses.

Raabe can only levitate a maximum of 2 meters from the ground and cannot fly.[2]


  • An astrolabe, which Raabe is named after, is an ancient astronomical device that equates to a handheld model of the universe.


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