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Bone Dragon

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Bone Dragon

BlazBlue Variable Heart Volume 2 Illustration 04.png

Species Name

Bone Dragon

Species features

Large stature, skeletal

A Bone Dragon (ボーンドラゴン) is a massive creature that is materialized "death." It was summoned by a Fuzzy in the events of BlazBlue: Variable Heart.


Bone Dragons take the form of a colossal creature comprised entirely of bones, keratin, and enamel. It takes a form similar to a skeletal tyrannosaurus, except with large curled horns on its skull, and glowing orbs in its eye sockets.

Knowing that Ragna the Bloodedge's Azure Grimoire can eat away at souls, Fuzzy summoned this creature to counter its ability. Both Ragna and Taro Sasaga'e fought the dragon, tying it up with Ars Magus strings after dodging several of its attacks. Mai Natsume hit the dragon using the Gallia Sphyras: Outseal, and it ultimately fell apart after Fuzzy was defeated, [1] presumably remaining in its location for years to come.

Variable Heart Glossary

Bone Dragon

The “death” sleeping in this land materialized by Fuzzy… that is the Bone Dragon! Since it's an existence without “life,” Ragna the Bloodedge's ability Soul Eater that takes the opponents life force and makes it ones own is completely made powerless.

Oh, a note from the sky. “Actually, the thing in the Background in Mai's stage in BlazBlue: Central Fiction is actually,…” what is this thing saying!? - Kajun Faycott. [2]



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