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Rachel was born to Clavis Alucard, although the circumstances concerning her birth remain unknown. She was doted on her by her father and his butler, Valkenhayn. She became acquainted with Tomonori and Jubei as they came under her father's servitude, and she spent a great deal of time in the Alucard Castle. From a seemingly early age, Rachel had developed a complete mastery over sorcery.

Dark War

Phase 0, Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 2, Phase Shift 3, Phase Shift 4

On December 31st, 2199AD, Rachel found an injured young man on a hillside. He was dying from his wounds, and Rachel offered him the chance to become a real hero, teleporting him away to the Alucard Castle. This man was a time-displaced Jin Kisaragi.[1][2]

In the castle, Clavis and Valkenhayn tended to Jin's wounds. Rachel clung to her father's robes when the man awoke, and paid Jin little attention. When the group left him to rest, Rachel gave him a cold stare before leaving.[3] A week later, Rachel went with her father, butler, and Jin to the basement of the Alucard Castle. She watched as Clavis undid every sorcery seal he had placed on the ancient doors until they finally arrived at a small room with contained one of the Sankishin - the Susano'o Unit. As Clavis grew tired, he left the rest of the details to his daughter, who explained that should Jin accept the Susano'o Unit, he would cease to become human. Rachel watched as he accepted the Unit, discarding his old life and adopting a new name - Hakumen.[4]


In the January of 2106, Rachel watched Tomonori battle against Kazuma Kval in the Magister's City of Ishana. She teleported next to him on the top of a building's spire. She chuckled at him, calling him an "uninteresting man", noting that he had gone against Clavis' orders and tried to kill Kazuma, not observe him. She stretched out her hand and teleported him back to the Alucard Castle. There, she sat on a sofa and drank black tea as she watched Tomonori turn his back on Clavis and Valkenhayn.[5]

Some time after Tomonori had been murdered by Kazuma and Yuuki Terumi, Rachel teleported herself to a port town that was offering to ship people to the wastelands once known as Japan. She saw Celica A. Mercury and Ragna the Bloodedge wandering around the area, catching the attention of the latter and teleporting away before he could catch her. Rachel appeared again in front of Celica, Ragna, and Mitsuyoshi, who had been severely beaten by a remnant of the Black Beast. She offered them a chance to save the beastkin, and teleported them from the courtyard of the Seioudai Sampling Laboratory into the Alucard Castle. Rachel only did so after Ragna begged her to save Mitsuyoshi's life.[6]

In the castle, Rachel told the group to wait in the parlor after Valkenhayn carried Mitsuyoshi away to the inner sanctum of the castle for treatment. She later stood with her father and Valkenhayn as Clavis introduced himself to Celica and Ragna. Despite Clavis' soft affection towards his daughter, she turned away, and followed him and her butler as the conversation ended.

Daughter, master, butler

Rachel entered the gardens of the Castle grounds, but Ragna followed after her. Sick of him acting so familiar even though she had only just met him, Rachel scorned the man, and struck his hand with a lightning bolt. Their scuffle was ended short by Clavis, who asked for time alone with Ragna. Rachel bowed deeply to her father, and allowed the night wind to carry herself away.[7]

Some time after the encounter in the Castle, Rachel travelled by herself to the First District to inspect the progress of Ragna, Celica, Mitsuyoshi, and their new companions, Nine and Trinity Glassfille, as they searched for Shuichiro Ayatsuki. There, she stood next to a cauldron, and her memories as an older Rachel from the year 2200 flooded into her thanks to the power of the Boundary. She delivered cryptic hints about the future and how the Black Beast was stopped for one year in 2107. Unable to stay for much longer, knowing that the Beast was soon to appear, Rachel left the area, although her memories of the event and the future memories given to her by the Boundary dissipated as soon as she left. Some time shortly afterwards, Clavis had passed away, and Rachel became the new head of the Alucard Clan. She hosted Trinity Nine, and Celica as they awaited the return of Ragna and Mitsuyoshi from an encounter with the Black Beast. Only Mitsuyoshi returned that night, as Ragna had sacrificed himself to the Beast in order to keep it still for one year, something he deduced from Rachel's earlier hints.[8]

Eight months later and Valkenhayn had become part of a group that would later become known as the Six Heroes, and he spent most of his time in Ishana. The Alucard Castle had accepted Rachel as its new head, and its once neglected gardens grew into beautiful fields of roses. She summoned both Valkenhayn and Hakumen into the Castle, wishing to talk to them both about Terumi. Her butler wanted his assassination while he was still under the influence of Mind Eater. Rachel dissuaded him, telling both men that Terumi was not only crucial to the victory efforts of the Dark War, but was also immortal.[9]

Back to the future

Rachel teleported into a meeting between the Six Heroes, blankly telling Nine that she refused to give them her teleportation sorcery. Nine angrily questioned this, telling the vampire that her teleportation could move entire squadrons across Eastern Europe to give them an edge in both finding and fighting the Black Beast. Rachel snorted at the idea, putting on a cold facade that fooled everyone bar Celica, who noticed that Rachel's eyes were filled with sorrow. She then made her point clear - it was not that she did not want to help humanity in the war, but that she could not. Valkenhayn understood the sentiment that no one else could, and Hakumen took a moment to voice that he knew she would not help them. Rachel did, however, tell them that the Beast would appear wherever Celica was since Ragna's soul slept within the belly of the Beast.

Five days after Take-Mikazuchi repelled the Black Beast, Rachel watched over a small village in Asia. She saw as Seven and Eight gathered tens of thousands of innocents to both bait the Black Beast and summon Take-Mikazuchi. Nine then appeared near her, together with the other heroes, Celica, Suzukaka, and a small group of other Kaka. Rachel noted that the group had come later than she anticipated. She then resigned herself to watching over the fight as the group formed a plan. [10] The Beast was repelled successfully.

Months later, Jubei and Hakumen were taken into Castle Alucard by Valkenhayn, where Rachel was waiting for them. They told her about the plan to defeat the Black Beast, and that they would need the Hihiirokane in order to cut a path through the Beast so that Celica could enter it and weaken it. Rachel agreed to hand them the sword, which had been sealed by her late father. She undid the seal but made Jubei aware that taking the sword also meant accepting another role: the one to kill Terumi. Jubei accepted, wanting to avenge his brother's death. To this end, Rachel offered him another item: the Eye of Tomonori, an artificial eye based on Tomonori's that was able to discern Terumi's spirit body, and thus allow him to be struck clean with Hihiirokane. Jubei accepted, and both Rachel and Valkenhayn escorted him to a part of the manor where the Eye of Tomonori would be implanted.[11]

Rachel later teleported herself inside the Black Beast after Ragna and Celica had killed its heart. As the Beast is like a cauldron, her older self was able to flood memories into her mind. Rachel told Ragna that she would move him back to his own time. She did so, and teleported Celica and Nirvana outside of the Beast and near the other heroes. Rachel watched as the Beast deflated into the size of a man, into a shape similar to Ragna. Hakumen walked forward and decapitated it, finally killing the Black Beast and ending the Dark War. [12]

Scarlett rose

After the events of the Dark War, Rachel slept to gain knowledge and regain lost power. She slept for over 50 years until she finally awoke. She called for Valkenhayn, noting that he had grown older since the last time she had seen him. She apologized for giving the lycanthrope a difficult life, but took up his offer to a cup of tea. Valkenhayn dressed her and told her that Relius Clover had been seen again and that Jubei was currently hunting him down.

Hearing that three children had been adopted by Celica A. Mercury, Rachel traveled to the woods nearby the nun's church. There she watched as Celica and the children searched for strawberries. She attracted the attention of the young girl, Saya, but she could only feel Rachel's presence. Once they had left, Rachel whispered her wonders towards what conclusion Ragna the Bloodedge would bring to her; she then left the woods.

Endless Waltz

Rachel recalled the first time she met properly met Ragna, long after their encounter in the Dark War.

She left for Celica A. Mercury's Church after briefly saying farewell to Valkenhayn. Arriving at the church a few seconds later, she was met with a fierce rain and the destroyed church that was set ablaze by Yuuki Terumi. Near her feet laid a young, dying Ragna, his right arm cut off by Jin Kisaragi. Rachel quickly cast a spell that swallowed Ragna whole, before he had time to scream. Inside the hole, Rachel drank his blood, stopping the bleeding and allowing Ragna time to live. Ragna scanned the room and touched the Azure Grimoire that lay in the corner. Rachel soon departed after comments by Nago and Gii, leaving Ragna alive and transported back to the ruins of the church, having saved his life.

Variable Heart

Witnessing that Ragna, Mai Natsume, Kajun Faycott, Taro Sasaga'e, Shiori Kirihito, and Bell were surrounded by the Zero Squadron and Meifang Lapislazuli, Rachel performed a massive teleport, evacuating the group out of their predicament. Ragna's behaviour started to annoy her, so Rachel ordered Valkenhayn to throw him away to any location. She then began talking with Jubei about Bell, confirming that Mai was not an Observer and that she looks forward to how all their fates unravel. [13]

Memory of BLUE

In the lower levels of the 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Kou, Rachel encountered Ragna; teleporting in front of him and gesturing towards the northwest, whispering that he should go to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. Rachel then abruptly left as Ragna managed to find his way out of the City.

Calamity Trigger

The head of a clan of bloodsucking vampires, the Alucard. Although she is the "head," she lives alone within the spacious castle she inherited, along with the black cat Nago and the red bat Gii. She hates boredom, so she leaves her castle to search for entertainment.[14]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Carl Clover

Carl: Um, excuse me. You there. May I ask you a question?

Nago: Oh, my. You look like you just got potty trained, and you're already trying to hit on the princess? You're really asking for it!

Rachel: Is there something you wish to ask of me?

Carl: Um, right after we passed you, my sister started to act weird... Did you do something to her?

Rachel: No? Perhaps your sister is afraid of bats?

Gii: Aaaah! Princess, why do you put the blame on me!?

Carl: A huge bat and a black cat... I thought you were a witch, but I guess I was wrong. My sister has never reacted to anyone but me. Something is definitely wrong. Who are you?

Rachel: A gentleman should not pry into a lady's affairs. Perhaps I should take this opportunity to teach you some manners.

<Rachel Victory>

Carl: This person is too dangerous, Sis. I'm sorry, but we're going to have to retreat for now...!

Rachel: He cannot even play himself. Even soap opera stars are better than that. Perhaps with some training... a few years of training...

Stage VIII: Jin Kisaragi

Rachel: Oh my! It has been too long, Mr. Hero.

Jin: Who the hell are you? This isn't a place for children. Just run along.

Rachel: Oh, I see. So this is how you talk to me now? Interesting. I see things have begun to change.

Jin: Are you listening to me?

Rachel: This is not my doing. There can be no other conclusion... Someone else is interfering. Gii, I feel parched. I require tea. And a scone as well. Do not forget to put the Devonshire cream on the side.

Gii: Of course!

Jin: Who the hell are you? Ugh.

Rachel: You are little more than an angry dog. It would appear your training was inadequate. Come. I will play with you until my tea is prepared.

<Rachel Victory>

Jin: Damn it! You're not just an ordinary girl... *cough*

Rachel: Not bad for a lap dog.

Stage IX: Hakumen

Rachel: It is rather quiet here. Perhaps a little too quiet to enjoy a cup of tea...

Hakumen: Well, this is quite a surprise. What brings you here? Seems a bit early.

Rachel: Oh? My watch begs to differ. Perhaps yours is simply slow?

Hakumen: I never thought you would intrude. You do know what your presence before me means, correct?

Rachel: Of course. I am here to laugh in your face, harlequin.

Hakumen: Hmhmhm, I never thought I'd see the day where you would try to make a fool of me. In return, I shall sever the threads of your fate. I am the white void I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Rachel Victory>

Hakumen: Gah, how dare you interrupt me, Grimalkin!

Rachel: How interesting... Then she was behind all of this.

Stage X: Nu-13

Nu-13: Loading...loading...loading...loading... Complete...

Gii: P-P-P-Princess, I...I'm scared! I have a really bad feeling about this!

Nu-13: Scanning: complete. Auto-mode: confirmed.

Nago: Princess, she's going to attack us! Are we going to be OK?

Rachel: Gii, Nago, listen carefully. This is the moment where alternate histories intersect. This is where the tragedy began... and this is where it shallmeet its end. But soon...all of that will be over.

Nu-13: Scanning: complete. IFF determined. Processing... Subject in class: peripheral elements... Begin termination of peripheral element.

Rachel: Come, you poor doll. Are you ready?

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: I am glad she was able to provide me with an evening's entertainment. We should play again, but perhaps in a different form...

-Crime and Punishment-

Imaginary Spaces

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Arcade 01(C).png

Rachel: I slowly open my eyes. Here I am, yet again. I turn my head to look back, and a lone girl is standing there. With eyes like jade, she stares at me. Her eyes remind me of my sins...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Arcade 02.png

Rachel: ...of a far, distant past. The boy whose blood I drank... the only one... The day I sunk my fangs into an innocent, helpless human.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Arcade 03(A).png

Rachel: The day I had no choice but to act as the vampire I am. My first and last...... sweet, sweet sin...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Arcade 01(B).png

Rachel: And so, once again...... my aimless, endless story begins anew.

Calamity Trigger - Part 2

Rachel teleported to the Hanging Gardens of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi alongside Nago and Gii. Having briefly contemplated the past and the last time she visited the area, Rachel teleported in front of Ragna, startling the young man. Typical of her nature, she began to easily belittle the Grim Reaper, taking great delight in his reactions; although this was short lived as she directed him toward his objective. Turning, she greeted Hakumen, although the conversation served as little more than trivial banter between the two as Rachel chastised humanity's lust for the Azure. As Hakumen left, the young vampire turned her attention elsewhere.

Later in the evening, Rachel teleported beside a melee between Ragna and Valkenhayn. Brandishing more insults to Ragna before ordering Nago and Gii to be silent, Rachel ordered Valkenhayn give her an explanation for his appearance in the city, finding herself to be satisfied at his response. Rachel then teleported the group back to the Alucard Castle. There, Rachel and Ragna began to fight, although the former hardly exhausted any energy doing so, and resigned herself to a cup of tea brewed by her servant. She then began to criticise Ragna, calling him weak, but congratulating him on being “marginally” stronger than before. However, she begged him to not give up before teleporting him in front of Kagutsuchi's Novus Orbis Librarium branch. Watching from afar, Rachel teleported down to the branch in front of Noel Vermillion, preventing her from advancing any further. Noel was not spared from Rachel's razor sharp tongue as the vampire easily made a verbal assault on her person, and ultimately stopped her from advancing.

Once Noel had saved Ragna from Nu-13, Rachel teleported to the basement of the NOL branch where the cauldron lay. She told Ragna about Noel's origins, and how she was now the Eye of the Azure. After explaining that Noel would inherit the true Azure, which was stronger than Ragna's, Rachel confessed that she could not foretell what happened next, but also congratulated the young man on “performing brilliantly”. She teleported atop of Kagutsuchi, and activated the Tsukuyomi to prevent the destruction of the city that would be caused by a blast from Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi. Unfortunately, Rachel arrived too late to the basement as Noel had already accidentally Observed Terumi, causing his existence in the world to become true. Rachel prevented Ragna from attacking the monstrous being and contacted Kokonoe shortly after he had left, asking if she had bore witness to what had happened.

Trigger Shift

Instead of teleporting them outside the ruins of the NOL branch, Rachel swiftly departed from the cauldron, opting to return home instead. She decided to visit the same wooden prison that held Terumi for the short time before he was released. Rachel questioned whether Nine's decision to release Terumi was wise to make. Valkenhayn appeared next to her and the two talked until a buzz rang, signalling that Takamagahara wanted to speak to the young vampire.

Continuum Shift

The head of the prestigious vampire clan "Alucard." Although she has carefully watched over the "Closed World" for ages, after the previous incident, the Observer gave the world the opportunity to move again. Determined to settle matters with her bitter enemy Terumi by her own hands, she begins to move.[15]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Jin Kisaragi

Rachel: How are you feeling, Mr. Hero?

Jin: ... Who are you?

Rachel: Oh my. Don't you know who I am?

Jin: What are you doing here!?

Rachel: You seem awfully weak. I confess, something about seeing you in such a state is... amusing, perhaps? Still, you have only yourself to blame.

Jin: Wh...what...?

Rachel: You simply lacked the strength, you see. Your fault, through and through. Your body and mind are so... feeble. Like an infant's.

Jin: Me!? A baby!?

Rachel: Well, yes, in a manner of speaking. I rather doubt you could stand, were you not hanging off Ragna's apron strings. Oh... I hope I have not interrupted your suckling.

Jin: You... Have you got a death wish?

Rachel: Ah, yes, I suppose it might be intriguing to actually die for once. Unfortunately, I fear that is not something you are... equipped to accomplish.

Jin: Bullshit!

Rachel: Well, if you insist, you may try. Your pitiful fumbling will serve to amuse me. I shall shatter your glass heart beneath my heel, and scatter its fragments to the winds.

Gii: P-Princess! That seems a little too... sadistic. I feel bad for him just listening to you.

Nago: You just never learn, do you?

Jin: You... you are nothing more than another obstacle! I will simply remove you!

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: How disappointing. I suppose I was a fool to expect anything more. Gii, Nago, it is time we left. This fool has delayed us long enough.

Nago: Roger!

Gii: Alrighty!

Jin: Guh... ugh...!

Rachel: I suggest you remain in repose for a time. You may find the altered perspective... illuminating.

Gii: Th-That's not very convincing, coming from you, Princess!

Stage VIII: Lambda-11

Rachel: Ah, Lambda-11... an imitation causality weapon...

Lambda-11 ...

Rachel: I've no business with you just now.... Come out, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: ... Are you here to get in my way, Rachel?

Rachel: Come now, Kokonoe. Should I not be asking you the same questions? What do you mean by this? Surely you cannot think to defeat him with this toy?

Kokonoe: ... This is the way I work.

Rachel: The way you work? A rather crude way, if I may say so. Your methods are haphazard, at best, and before long they will return to haunt you.

Kokonoe: You think I haven't figured that out? Gimme a little credit.

Rachel: Then may I assume you have no intention of backing down?

Kokonoe: Do you even need to ask?

Rachel: Why must you insist on entering the realm of the gods?

Kokonoe: Entering...? No. You don't get it. I'm trying to bring those bastards down to the level of us mortals.

Rachel: Such arrogance... How could you think- No matter. I thought you would be a good little girl, but perhaps I was too kind. Very well, Kokonoe. I see I must teach you that what you perceive is but a glimpse of reality. It is far more vast, and far more dangerous, than you seem to grasp.

Kokonoe: ... Rachel!

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: You see? All too easy. This child is but another doll. A marionette animated by your own selfish ambitions.

Kokonoe: This isn't over... I'm still here!

Rachel: Did I fail to make this clear the first time? You cannot defeat him. Keep out of this, and leave Terumi to me-

Kokonoe: If I can't defeat him now, then I'll just have to get stronger!

Rachel: ... With the power of science?

Kokonoe: Damn right! I'm not gonna give up! I won't end up like my mother... Let's go, Lambda!

Rachel: You poor child... So blinded by science that you cannot see the failings of your own all-too-human mind...

Stage IX: Noel Vermillion

Rachel: Noel, you should not be here.

Noel: Please, tell me! What... what on Earth is going on here!? They say I'm the... successor of the Azure? What do they mean by the "eye"? I don't understand!

Rachel: ... Do you really wish to know? There is no going back.

Noel: ... Yes

Rachel: Very well. Fight me, then. Fight me, and everything will become clear.

<Rachel Victory>

Noel: I... I... won?

Rachel: Yes... That is your answer. The eyes... of the Azure.

Noel: This is...?

Rachel: You have been acknowledged by the eyes of the Master Unit, and now you cannot die. Like me, you will understand eternity.

Noel: Wh-What are you talking about!?

Rachel: I think you already know. You can feel it, can you not? The Master Unit... Amaterasu...

Noel: Eh...? I... I was just...

Rachel: Only your eyes can find the path to Amaterasu. It lies somewhere in the Boundary, hidden...

Noel: S-Stop that! I'm just a normal human! I can't do anything like that!

Stage X: Hazama

Hazama: Oh, but that's not true! Unfortunately for you she's right, Lieutenant Vermillion!

Rachel: Terumi!

Hazama: Woah! Let's just keep our distance, all right? You stink like some kind of animal... Come any closer and I think I'm gonna spew. Still, princess, seems pretty cold to treat the girl that way.... Not that I'd expect you to be nice or anything, but I'll bet you know exactly what's going on. You can't escape the chains of fate! Nox Nyctores, Ouroboros!

Noel: Ahhhh!

Rachel: D-Damn! Noel!

Terumi: Hahahaha! Waste of time, vampire! Noel Vermillion's mine!

Rachel: Noel! Are you alright!?

Noel: ...

Hazama: Oh, give it up. This thing isn't going to be "Noel Vermillion" for much longer. But hey... I gotta give it up. You got this far, and that ain't easy. My hat is off to you, madam.

Rachel: I'd sooner die than accept praise from the likes of you.

Hazama: Hah! Loses a little of the impact when you can't die.

Rachel: What manner of pathetic plot has that worm-eaten lump of meat you call a brain disgorged this time?

Hazama: Well shoot, I'd sure love to give you a little reward for getting this far, but... Gosh darn it, wouldn't you know that'd take a little more time than I've got right now.

Rachel: Terumi!

Hazama: I guess I'll just kill you instead. Restriction 666 released... Dimensional interference force field deployed...

Rachel: Delightful, I suspected as much...

Hazama: All right Azure! Let's show the lady what she's won! Azure Grimoire, activate!

Rachel: So... the Azure Grimoire is your doing...

Terumi: That's right! Behind door number one, the creator of the Azure Grimoire! Me!



BlazBlue Continuum Shift Rachel Alucard Arcade 01.png

Terumi: Nothing less from the stinking undead, eh? An adequate partner, though.

Rachel: This is... Terumi... Are... are you attempting to resurrect that foul creature?

Terumi: The Black Beast? What the hell would I want with that failed experiment?

Rachel: Failed...?

Terumi: Yeah, a huge failure. Real pain in the ass to keep the Cauldron under control. But hey, we learned all sorts of shit in the process, so, you know...

Rachel: Then it is as we suspected... The Azure Grimoire's true form is the Cauldron...

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Yeah, the Cauldron. What, did I mumble? The Cauldron's the Grimoire's original form. It gathers souls to smelt the sword inside its body. That was our little pet - the Beast.

Rachel: Then the Murakumo Unit was not created with the Black Beast in mind...?

Terumi: Of course not. Geez. The only purpose of the Azure is to summon the sword.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 03.png

Terumi: Now... Murakumo...activate! This world is nothing but lies! LIES!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 04.png

Terumi: Lemme show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called "despair"! In the name of Susanno'o, I command you! Murakumo, AWAKEN!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(A).png

Terumi: Behold the sword of the god-slayer, KUSANAGI!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(B).png

Terumi: Let all that lies fall before your divine blade!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Rachel Alucard Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Gaahahahaha! Finally, I've got the true successor to the Azure! Try and stop me NOW, Master Unit

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 06.png

Terumi: Amaterasu!

Story Mode

Upon conversing with Takamagahara, Rachel lost her ability to Observe. She returned to the castle with significantly less power, dreading the return of Terumi. She thought about the movement in Takamagahara and was surprised that Terumi returned so soon. When Valkenhayn asked what she intended to do, Rachel replied with "Nothing." Before going to depart again, she asked him if he'd do her a favor. He agreed and she left, heading to Sector Seven's confinement chamber. The room radiated sorcery and in the center of it all, Hakumen sat silently. Rachel demanded he gets up immediately and he complied once she threatened to fill him with "animals' leavings and spoiled food". She informed him of the impending threat and the "continuum shift", vaguely mentioning that things had already changed. The two agreed to meet in Kagutsuchi.

Rachel went on ahead and entered a restaurant while waiting. Inside, Ragna and Platinum the Trinity were eating lunch together. Rachel quietly stormed out, furious that Ragna was with someone. She waited outside for a little longer and was questioned by Nago as to why she didn't just transport Hakumen out with her. She replied by claiming that she didn't owe Hakumen anything and that it would take a lot of energy to transport him out with her. In actuality, it was the weakening of her powers that made it hard to do so. Valkenhayn appeared before her, alerting her that Jin was at the castle, as per her request. As Hakumen still had yet to return, she agreed to go.

Rachel laughed at Jin for his weaknesses and over-dependency of Ragna. Striking a nerve, Jin became infuriated by her insults and ignored his injuries long enough to fight her. She easily won and summoned Valkenhayn to dispose of him. Secretly, Rachel had Valkenhayn limit the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa's influence on Jin. Later on, she transported Jin to the NOL branch in Kagutsuchi without alerting him to the limit on his Nox Nyctores.

After waiting at the castle, Rachel went to meet Hakumen. He was surprised by something he saw and demanded answers. She replied by telling him that she's not sure what he's talking about, and he commented on Takamagahara moving again. Terumi's return had him worried, but his concerns were cut short by Lambda-11's arrival. Rachel teased and taunted the operator behind the Prime Field Device, causing Kokonoe to order the death of the vampire. Sending Hakumen to go pay Terumi a visit, Rachel dealt with Lambda-11 herself.

After winning the brief fight, Rachel teleported to the NOL branch, meeting Litchi Faye-Ling who had joined the NOL. Rachel chastised Litchi's decision, claiming that her hands have been "dirtied". She asked about Hazama and the information that he had passed onto Litchi, although the latter refused to reply, leading to a short brawl. Once Rachel won, she gave Litchi some words of advice and departed.

On her way, Rachel was stopped by an obscure, mysterious feeling. She felt herself being trapped in a binding circle. Izanami, Phantom, and Relius Clover appeared before her. Trying as hard as she could, Rachel was unable to free herself and was trapped. She was saved by Ragna after he defeated Terumi not long afterwards. In typical form, Rachel refused to thank him, although she was grateful for the rescue. She told him that the only way to save Noel from herself as Mu-12 was to kill her. Ragna, however, managed to save her without anyone dying, but lost his left arm in the process. The Imperator appeared and threatened Rachel.

At the end, Rachel was seen with Hakumen. He told her that she and Jubei had grown soft and weak, walking away in frustration. Rachel wished for Ragna to be strong, brave and never give up, no matter what the altered future may hold.

Chrono Phantasma

Rachel Alucard, the Onlooker of the world, the wielder of the Sankishin "Tsukuyomi Unit," and a vampire said to have lived thousands of years. The Onlooker beings to move again in order to stop a plan involving the highest official in the NOL, the "Imperator."[16]

Arcade Mode

Stage 3: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.19

Rachel: Valkenhayn, I've been looking for you.

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel... What brings you to this part of the manor? I'm afraid it is quite dusty– if you needed me, I could've simply returned to the castle...

Rachel: Please, those are but insignificant details. More importantly, Valkenhayn... I need your assistance. I presume you will lend me a hand?

Valkenhayn: If there is anything I can do to be of service, you need but ask.

Rachel: I want you to fight me... with everything you've got.

Valkenhayn: ...I see you are quite serious. Then this old wolf shall face you with whatever he has left.

Rachel: You don't even question my order? As always, I am impressed, Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: That is because I have placed all my trust in your decisions.

<Rachel Victory>

Valkenhayn: ...I see you are quite serious. Then this old wolf shall face you with whatever he has left.

Rachel: ...

Nago: Princess?

Valkenhayn: What is the matter, Madam Rachel?

Rachel: Valkenhayn, do you not remember just fighting me only moments ago?

Valkenhayn: M-Madam Rachel...?! But... that's impossible!

Rachel: Hm, this was an intervention... To think it can affect even you, Valkenhayn...

Stage 6: Azrael

The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.11

Azrael: Ha, to think there are more than just humans here... and a bloodsucker, to boot.

Rachel: ...You inferior low-life scum... I ask that you do not use such coarse human speech in my presence.

Azrael: Hahaha! So you must be that "Rachel Alucard". Rumors about your demeanor are true.

Rachel: To resort to bringing back a banished beast like yourself onto the battlefield... The little boys at Sector Seven must really be in over their heads. So, what can I do for you, "Mad Dog Azrael"?

Azrael: What you can do for me...? Well, I've just happened to come across a vampire said to have lived centuries. And you expect me NOT to fight?

Rachel: To simply open your jaws and snap at anything that comes your way... You ARE as foolish as they say.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: I must admit, you can take quite a beating... the rumors had that bit right. Though your appearance is quite... um... dreadful.

Azrael: I would've expected nothing less from a vampire. You have indeed entertained me for tonight.

Rachel: *Sigh* I am somehow finding it increasingly difficult to share the same space with someone of your... intelligence. I hope you don't mind disappearing for me?

Azrael: Wha-?! What the hell are you-?!

<Azrael vanishes>

Rachel: ...And if it's not too much trouble, please never show your loathsome face to me again.

Stage 7: Jin Kisaragi

Grave Marker of Bases
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.00

Rachel: Long time no see, "Mr. Hero".

Jin: The bloodsucker, huh? What do you want?

Rachel: It seems you have the "Power of Order" under control... Well, somewhat. I must give credit where credit is due, my hat is off to Jubei.

Jin: I don't have time for your nonsense...! Get out of my way.

Rachel: Aww, the little puppy learned a new trick and thinks he's invincible. Hehe, no matter... Mr. Hero, for I command you to become MY lapdog.

Jin: Do you have a death wish?

<Rachel Victory>

Jin: Guah!

Rachel: Mr. Hero, surely you're aware that Ikaruga is under a large-scale phenomena intervention right now...?

Jin: What... of it?

Rachel: Even Valkenhayn, who is supposed to be outside of its influence, can be affected. Do you know what that implies?

Jin: What are you trying to say?

Rachel: The day of reckoning approaches... and I'm afraid the only two who can stop it are Ragna... and you, Jin Kisaragi.

Jin: The day of... reckoning?

Izayoi: Leave this place at once!

Stage 8: Izayoi

Grave Marker of Bases
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.00

Rachel: Oh, that was quicker than I expected.

Izayoi: ...I said remove yourself at once, you non-human!

<Jin vanishes>

Izayoi: Jin!!

Rachel: ...

Izayoi: ...What have you done with Jin?

Rachel: Why all the concern? Hehe, but rest assured, for I can guarantee one thing- he is safe. At least... physically.

Izayoi: Why should I trust your words?

Rachel: Trust or not, that really does not matter right now. For I have come all this way to see you.

Izayoi: ...Me?

Rachel: But I am a little surprised... I was not expecting you to unleash Izayoi's power all on your own.

Izayoi: This is... all thanks to Noel, Makoto, Lord Hakumen and Jin... They have guided me towards the light when I was lost in the dark.
So if you bring harm upon them, I will not hesitate to draw my sword.

Rachel: ...Hehe, how very interesting. You would point your sword at me?

Izayoi: In order to... protect what is dear to me... I will fight for the justice I have chosen to believe!

<Rachel Victory>



Izayoi: Kuh... So strong.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Rachel Alucard Arcade 01.png

Rachel: Hehe, "Tsubaki Yayoi", was it...? Want me to tell you a little story?
Your weapon, the Sealed Armament Izayoi... Or shall I say Izayoi: Type-Zero...
...was forged to fight the Observers... Or in other words- me.
Have you any idea what that means?

Izayoi: ...Of course. That is why I challenged you.

Rachel: At least you understand that much... The Izayoi, once unleashed, can erase even me from the face of this world.
It has the power to bring down even us... The Chrono Phantasma.

Izayoi: ...What are you trying to say?

Rachel: You're right. I should stay on topic, since time is something we have in short supply.

Izayoi: ...

Rachel: Ragna the Bloodedge.

Izayoi: ?!

Rachel: You are looking for him, are you not? I wonder what he looks like through those clouded eyes of yours.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 06.png BlazBlue Continuum Shift Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 05(B).png BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 08.png BlazBlue Continuum Shift Noel Vermillion Story Mode 04(A).png

Izayoi: ...Evil. Ragna the Bloodedge stands for all that is evil in this world.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 03.png BlazBlue Continuum Shift Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 02.png

Rachel: How arrogant. Is that really something for YOU to decide?

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 03.png BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Story Mode 03.png BlazBlue Continuum Shift Ragna the Bloodedge Story Mode 06.png BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Noel Vermillion Story Mode 05.png

Izayoi: I will follow my own justice... which is why the root of this disorder, Ragna the Blooodedge...

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Rachel Alucard Arcade 02.png

Izayoi: ...must be defeated by my hands. That is all I feel towards him.

Rachel: I see. Well, rest assured. That despicable, negligent, incorrigible fool of a man...
...Ragna the Bloodedge has very little time left.

Izayoi: Wha-!?

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Rachel Alucard Arcade 03.png

Rachel: Do you not follow? I'm saying Ragna the Bloodedge will soon meet his end.

Izayoi: Are you saying he will... die? ...You're telling me to believe in your words and stop pursuing him?

Rachel: That's not what I said... If you think you have what it takes to best him then, by all means, do so. I shan't stand in your way.
But I have only one request for you, wielder of the Izayoi.

Izayoi: ...

Rachel: When he dies...
Tsubaki Yayoi, I want you to "kill" me as well.

Story Mode

Chrono Phantasma

A month after the Continuum Shift, Rachel found Ragna near the charred site of Celica's old church while watching from the skies. She descended and spoke to him for the first time since the end of the phenomenon event, but her words sparked a fight between the two that the vampire easily won. His question about Kushinada's Lynchpin caught her off guard, but she confessed that she knew little about it - although she told Ragna everything she knew did know, and further divulged information on Hades: Izanami, who then appeared before them.

Phantom's Gravity Seed brought Rachel, Nago, and Gii to their knees in front of the Imperator. Rachel could only watch while Izanami easily subdued the Grim Reaper, but was freed once the Imperator left. Rachel struggled to rise but greeted Taokaka as she came to meet them, and later found and greeted Torakaka as well. The vampire recalled that the old Kaka village lay nearby and asked that Ragna be taken there, also warning Ragna that the scars caused by sorcery can transcend time and space, meaning he would remain affected no matter what phenomena might occur.[17]

Later, after Ragna picked a fight with a bystander while searching for Noel, Rachel teleported near him to remind him that his attitude towards innocents was nothing short of disgusting, then teleported away from him before he could apologize. Watching from above as Ragna was beaten by Kagura Mutsuki, Rachel and Amane Nishiki began to talk about the two below them. Amane warned her against getting too involved before resuming his pursuit of Carl Clover.[18]

She would later teleport to the basement of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido's NOL branch, where Rachel and Celica were reintroduced to each other. She then insulted Ragna as he lay incarcerated nearby. Soon after, Noel joined them and Rachel began to explain "The World” and Chrono Phantasma to the two girls. She accepted all questions and completed her story on a sad note before asking Kokonoe to improve her eavesdropping and teleporting away.[19] She would join the main group for dinner, where she criticized Ragna for his lack of table etiquette and complimented Hibiki Kohaku for his exceptional cooking skills, while also entrusting him with the decision of what tea to prepare for her. Kagura introduced himself to Rachel, and his flattery earned her liking.[20]

When Noel created the Realm, Rachel entered it to tutor her on how to manage the Power of the Eye and to explain how the space was born. When she was summoned by Noel's consciousness, Rachel asked her if she could accept herself. Noel's answer more than satisfied Rachel. She asked that Noel accept her Azure; however, the two were interrupted by Hazama, who had managed to enter The Realm thanks to a hole Rachel had left upon her entrance. Terumi took Noel elsewhere in The Realm, leaving Rachel behind, but she managed to leave it on her own and bring Noel's consciousness back to the normal world.[21]

The Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge came around on the following day. Rachel watched calmly while placing bets on each round with Celica. She complemented Kagura on his ability to pull together such an event and betted on Bullet, not having anticipated that Azrael would be the replacement for Bullet's opponent. She prevented Kagura from switching in with Ragna during his beating by the Genocider and threw Gii in front of Azrael's aimed fist towards Celica. Rachel silently congratulated Ragna on his ability to control the Azure Grimoire and prevent it from eroding his soul any further.[22] In the medical bay, Celica thanked Rachel for stopping Azrael's assault on her, but the vampire's sharp tongue remained straight and true. Ragna's conviction to stop using the Azure Grimoire led Rachel to invite them to Ibukido's cauldron under the condition that they bring Noel with them.[23]

At the cauldron with Ragna, Celica, and Noel, Rachel explained that thoughts from the nearby caskets were interfering with Noel's consciousness and placed additional protections on Noel to prevent further interference. Pleased with Noel's dedication, Rachel told Ragna that he was to be sent back in time to the first timeline, so that he could solidify the timeline; although Noel's Observation would be pushed to its limit and Celica's memory would be strained. Finally, Rachel placed the Tsukuyomi Unit upon Ragna so that he could safely arrive in the past. They succeeded in sending him back, but Rachel lost her status as an Observer, instead becoming an Onlooker without any sorcery. This event became known as the Time for Decision, an important event that cost Rachel the majority of her remaining power.[24]

A few hours later, Ragna returned from his journey to the past, his memory scrambled. Rachel accepted his thanks for sending him back, but soon realized how great a sacrifice she had made. Amane arrived a short while later after having told Valkenhayn about Rachel's location, and left once the man arrived. Rachel thought kindly of Amane's guidance and asked that Valkenhayn escort her back to her castle.

Intruding in Kagura's office, she and Valkenhayn introduced themselves while also offering advice to the group. Rachel reminded them all that Tenjo Amanohokosaka had intended to use the Lynchpin as a last resort in a time when Celica wasn't around, and argued that another method would be possible with the Nox Nyctores Phoenix: Rettenjo. When the main group had left, Kokonoe told Rachel and Kagura that Izanami's intervention had stopped with Rachel, further confirming that the Takamagahara System had been demolished. She remained in the room even after Izayoi and Jin entered.[25]

Rachel directed Valkenhayn to assist Bang Shishigami with his battle against Relius, and then ordered Bang to hammer the Rettenjo into the Lynchpin - a plan possible thanks to Iron Tager who teleported both parties above the Monolith. The Lynchpin subsequently fell into the tower. Rachel's final orders were to ask that Ragna activate the Azure Grimoire and confront Take-Mikazuchi. Amaterasu was summoned into the world thanks to Doomsday, but Rachel prevented any damage to it by using Tsukuyomi, leaving both Tsukuyomi and the Embryo floating above the ruins of Ibukido. Izanami and Rachel discussed their ideals above the sky, with Rachel saying she would give life to the former Imperator, while the latter wished to give her death.[26]

Rachel caught Tsubaki Yayoi alone, punching a wall, and gave her some advice. Then she asked Tsubaki to kill Ragna if she should ever find him. If Tsubaki failed and Ragna happened to expire of his own accord, then Rachel implored Tsubaki to kill Rachel herself with the Immortal Breaker in order to eradicate the evil within Ragna.[27]

Sector Seven

Because of heavy interference from Izanami, Rachel's teleportation malfunctioned and she was sent to the wrong coordinates. At the time, she was carrying Ragna and they accidentally ended up at the charred remains of Celica's church. She teleported both herself and Ragna away afterwards, but it left her wondering just how strong Izanami's phenomenon intervention really was.[28]

Six Heroes

At some point, she sent Valkenhayn to take Platinum the Trinity to her castle. After he completed his task, she ordered him to find Hakumen and have him join her and Platinum in the Alucard Castle. This failed, however, and after Platinum awoke and threw a temper tantrum, Rachel locked her in the guest room. Rachel had Valkenhayn return to specifically deal with Luna. After defeating Platinum, Trinity Glassfille arose from their body and the three of them discussed a plan to defeat Terumi.[29] Rachel later teleported away to Hakumen's side, where she invited him for tea. He declined, but they continued nonetheless to discuss the identity of Phantom and how to deal with her. Both of them cast aside their vanity to admit that Phantom and her comrades would make her a formidable threat, even for themselves and Jubei. With this, Rachel suggested a plan. At some point she also teleported Jubei, Hakumen, and a resurrected Celica to her castle, having the group put their thoughts together on how to defeat Terumi. After reuniting Celica and Trinity, she took Celica back to Yabiko, where Celica met Ragna for the first time in her new body.[30]

When Rachel returned with Celica, she explained to the group that they needed to act fast to take care of Terumi since she was dealing with a large scale Continuum Shift. She touched the Eye of Tomonori and had Trinity materalize several opponents in Terumi's mind. She then teleported Jubei, Hakumen, and Celica to Terumi's location so they could battle him, now that Terumi himself had been materalized by Trinity. Rachel and Valkenhayn then attempted together to pull Trinity out of Terumi's head and succeeded. Rachel then teleported Valkenhayn, herself, and Trinity back to Celica, where they learned from Celica that Phantom was undoubtedly Nine. Rachel remarked that Nine was the most incredible pawn that Izanami could have ever desired.[31]

Central Fiction

Once an Observer of the world, and the current head of the Alucard family. Although she lost most of her power from continuously interfering with the world, she once again begins to move in order to stop the Imperator's conspiracy. She searches for "Ragna," who should be somewhere in this world.[32]

Arcade Mode

Act 1: Phantom of Labyrinth

Stage 3: Ragna the Bloodedge

Homecoming -Orient Town-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-19

Rachel: Ah, there you are. You sure have moved up the ranks, Ragna... to make ME look for YOU.

Ragna: Rabbit. What the hell are you doing here?

Rachel: Your tenacity does deserve an honorable mention. You're surrounded by the Embryo, and you're not even one of the worthy. Yet, you are still able to exist.

Ragna: Well duh! I'm not going down this easy. So what is it you wanted to talk about? That's why you're here, right?

Rachel: My my... somebody's honest today. Actually, you're almost too sharp... are you really Ragna?

Ragna: Heh, what the hell are you goin' on about. You finally hit that age? The good 'ole noodle starting to go bad?

Rachel: I see that you require punishment. I'll teach you your place in this world, and also find out if you're really who you claim to be.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: An illusion...? One created from my memories, no less. That is Ragna?
How ironic. I'm shown my own mind but am unable to bind its existence.
...Eventually, I will be unable to Observe him altogether. But perhaps she... she could.
This is no time for sentimentality. Ragna is somewhere in this world. I must find him.

Stage 6: Amane Nishiki

The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-25

Amane: Hello there, little girl. Are you alright? You look as pale as a ghost.

Rachel: No need for your concern. This is simply how I look.

Amane: Well then... are you also simply on the verge of disappearing? Is that normal?

Rachel: ...Mind your own business. This has nothing to do with you.

Amane: Why do you want to save this world so much?

Rachel: I've already told you, that this has nothing to do with you.

Amane: Don't be like that now... Ah! Yes! Why don't you enjoy a song with me.

Rachel: I think not.

Amane: Nonetheless, I need to stop you right there. You know what you need, right?

Rachel: ...!!

Amane: Ah yes... that face when you stare me down. Beautiful. Now, to the stage! Where the descendant of the Alucards will wager her very existence!

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: Satisfied?

Amane: ...Oh yes, I think I've seen quite enough. But I must warn you.
If you don't back off now, you may not get another chance.

Rachel: That's quite alright. Besides, I believe it is up to me to decide what is best for... me.

Amane: Heh, quite stubborn, this one. Very well, very well.
Flowers are most beautiful when their petals flutter in the breeze. I look forward to seeing how this ends.

Stage 7: Naoto Kurogane

Hanging Gardens -After-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-2

Rachel: ...!? Ragna?
No, you're not... but this presence... it feels as though. What is going on?

Naoto: You're... Heh, sorry. Wrong person. But you really do look similar...
Say, I'm looking for someone right now. A girl that looks just like you, Raquel. You know her?

Rachel: (Who is this boy? He's dangerous. Too close... His existence is going to overwrite Ragna's!)
(I cannot let him be...)

Naoto: H-Hey!?

Rachel: Sorry, but I need you to disappear.

<Rachel Victory>

Naoto: Whoa whoa, hold on for a second there! What the hell did I do to you!?

Rachel: *Wince* Stop that at once. Do not look at me... what on earth are you? Clearly you are someone else, yet you're...!

Naoto: How the hell am I supposed to know!? Calm down. And I think you owe me an explanation here!

Rachel: Stay away from me!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 01.png

Rachel: Let me... go!

Naoto: That's not going to happen.
...Tch, what's your deal? Attacking me out of nowhere...
Whatever. I take it you've got some sort of reason, right?
Why don't you just start by calming down, yeah?

Rachel: (I'm... losing my composure? But how...?)

Naoto: I'm Naoto. Naoto Kurogane. What's your name?

Rachel: Stop it... Stop binding your existence to this world...
Ragna is... going to disappear...!

Naoto: Ragna? That's right... you mistook me for someone, right?
So who's this Ragna charact...

Nine: Pardon the intrusion.

Rachel: !? Teleportation magic...!?

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Phantom Field

Rachel: A barrier... You must be Phantom. Or perhaps I should call you by your real name. Great Sage... Nine!

Nine: It's been a while since we've had a face-to-face conversation, hasn't it, little Alucard princess? Quite the change from someone who only observed the Dark War.
Do you really have such strong feelings for that man? Because that would be priceless, immortal princess.

Rachel: I could return those words to you exactly. I wouldn't have expected you to help Terumi.

Nine: Heh...
The world has already changed in ways your father, Clavis Alucard, had not predicted. We're headed for destruction.
Past the point of no return...
But perhaps you were expecting this... or even yearned for it...?

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: Your powers never cease to amaze me...

Nine: How pathetic. I had higher expectations from the only daughter of Clavis Alucard.
Yet here you are, easily deceived by some young boy, Naoto Kurogane. I'd say your feelings for Ragna the Bloodedge are beginning to waiver.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 02(A).png

Nine: An Observer who forgot her own role...
It's a matter of time before you lose your power... and even your existence.

Rachel: You need not remind me.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 02(B).png

Rachel: That is exactly why I must do all that I can... with what time and strength I have left.

Nine: Are you trying to walk up onto the stage...?
After all this time being an Observer!? Don't make me laugh!
Soon, someone will defeat Izanami, and learn the truth of this world...
The truth that cannot be altered...
The dream, dreamt by the Gods themselves.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 00(A).png

Nine: When that day comes, I wonder what the chosen will choose...?
Not that that matters to you...
Suffer the same fate I have, Rachel Alucard!

Rachel Act 1

to be continued

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Rail Station
The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.06

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel, please wait... You mustn't go further.

Rachel: Valkenhayn. You dare stand in my way?

Valkenhayn: ...If you do not return to the castle, then I am afraid I must.
I most humbly urge you, please do not intervene anymore, Milady. Your body can no longer bear the strain.
I fear in your current state, you cannot even teleport back to the manor. Should you continue to intervene in events as you have done... soon, you shall no longer sustain yourself.

Rachel: True. I may very well disappear if I continue... Nevertheless, I cannot honor your request.
There is something I must see with my own eyes. And something I must see through... as a member of the Alucards.

Valkenhayn: I see. In that case, Madam Rachel, you leave me no choice. You must first defeat me.
I will not stand by and watch you destroy yourself, Milady!

Rachel: ...You truly are a clumsy person.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: It would appear I still have enough strength to put you in your place.

Valkenhayn: But of course, Milady... Please pardon me for my barbaric methods.

Rachel: I am well aware of what is happening to me. That is precisely why... I must do what I can before it is all too late.
Valkenhayn... I would very much like for you to assist me.

Valkenhayn: If there is anything that this old man can do for you, you need but ask. Protecting you is my one and only duty.

Rachel: Thank you. I am in your debt.

Stage 6: Jin Kisaragi

Snow Town
The 9th hierarchical city -AKITSU-KOU- Block.13

Rachel: What a coincidence, Mister Hero. It appears you're in quite a hurry, but... might you be after Izanami?

Jin: A redundant question. I will defeat Izanami and destroy the Embryo. I have no intention of being trapped here forever.

Rachel: Give up.

Jin: What?

Rachel: You cannot defeat Izanami as you are. Instead, I believe there is something you must be doing now.

Jin: You have no business ordering me around. I decide my own fate. If you stand in my way...
Then I hope you're ready for a fight.

Rachel: ...Very well. I shall play around with you.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: My oh my... How arrogant you've become. Not going to fight at your best?

Jin: I don't need all my strength. Not in your current condition. But I will concede this match to you...
You head for Izanami as well, do you not?

Rachel: I hope you don't misunderstand me. Even I do not possess the strength to defeat her. I simply must... confirm something.

Jin: ...No business of mine. Do as you wish.

Stage 7: Relius Clover

Lakeside Port
The 7th hierarchical city -KAZAMOTSU- Block.08

Relius: Clavis Alucard's daughter... How meek you have become. I suppose you no longer have the strength to even teleport.

Rachel: Relius Clover... What are you doing here?

Relius: An absurd question. To prevent you from reaching Izanami, of course.

Rachel: Now this is a surprise... I thought you had no interest in my affairs.

Relius: I'm Observing progress. I would like to avoid any unnecessary stimulation until I see concrete results.

Rachel: ...All of this is simply an experiment to you. Despicable.

Relius: Return to your castle, and we can both go our ways. ...Hmph, of course you have no intention of doing so.

Rachel: You're catching on. I may not be able to teleport, but I have enough strength left to play around with you.

<Rachel Victory>

Relius: You've exceeded my expectations... That is to say, you are much weaker than I thought. Perhaps your contact will make little difference.
Rather, the stimulation may even prove beneficial. I may like to see the results you bring.

Rachel: I abhor you... Turn those loathsome eyes away from me.

Relius: ...Hm. It's time. Perfect.

Rachel: Wha...!? T-This...!

Stage 8: Izanami

Sight of Gods
Central Core

Rachel: The Master Unit... inside the Embryo.

Izanami: Why, an unexpected guest. I did not expect to find you here.
Yet you are still one of the chosen. Defeat me, obtain the Azure, and wield the right to change the world as you wish.

Rachel: Do not mistake my intentions. I am here to neither obtain the Azure nor have my wish granted.
I have come to witness... what you are.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: ...I see. You've confirmed my doubts.

Izanami: Doubts? I am curious what you think you've learned, but... yes that is irrelevant.
You are one of the chosen, after all. Hold the Azure... Learn of the eternal truths and imagine your own world.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 03.png

Rachel: (Azure... the foundation of all that we know.)
(All the possibilities that can come true.)
(The Azure can even eliminate Drives from this world.)
(It can create the world my father dreamed of, but...)
Nothing will change in this world, even if I touch this.
For this is but a fragment of the whole Azure.

Izanami: ...Hmph. How dreary. You see right through it.

Rachel: Even if you presented the real Azure...
I would be unable to change anything.
Neither I, nor any of the other chosen...
No one. Even you cannot overrule "her" will...
For she can eclipse you.

Izanami: ...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 04.png

Rachel: I pity you, child...

Izanami: ...I've had enough of your insolence!

Rachel: You cannot escape her will -- you are the least likely one to.
Yet you have not realized this.

Izanami: ...What are you trying to say?

Rachel: Without her, you cannot exist...
...You are but her Drive. Nothing more, nothing less.

BlazBlue Central Fiction General Arcade.png

Rachel Act 2

to be continued

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Hakumen

The 8th hierarchical city -WADATSUMI- Block.09

Hakumen: Harlequin. Why do you stand in my way?

Rachel: Isn't it obvious? To stop you... I can't let you kill Noel Vermillion.

Hakumen: I fail to understand. What significance does her life serve? Do you plan to watch this world crumble, when the Day of Reckoning arrives?

Rachel: Noel should be our last resort... Otherwise, we may do something we truly regret.

Hakumen: You jest... Surely you are aware. The meaning of the Successor to the Azure.

Rachel: Nevertheless, it is not up to you or me to make that choice for her.

Hakumen: Have you lost yourself in emotions? Clavis would turn over in his grave.

Rachel: On the contrary. I have inherited his will, which is exactly why I cannot let you go.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: Fighting you certainly depletes my energy faster than others.

Hakumen: Pathetic... You would go this far to entrust that child with everything?

Rachel: I simply believe someone on the bleachers shouldn't alter the course of the game.

Hakumen: ...

Rachel: Give those children some time... I beg you.

Hakumen: ...Suit yourself.

Rachel: I believe I shall... Thank you.

Stage 6: Ragna the Bloodedge

Orient Town
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-19

Ragna: Rabbit...

Rachel: Looks like you've gotten your memory back?
My goodness, I was wondering if you were ever going to arrive... Your idiocy never ceases to amaze.

Ragna: Tch... Shit's hitting the fan, but I see that hasn't changed you one bit.
Besides, you should be back in your castle sleeping. Leave the rest of it to me.

Rachel: Well someone thinks they've grown up overnight... It wasn't long ago that you couldn't even remember your own name.
...No matter. Shall we begin? I shall witness if you've really remembered everything.

Ragna: Hey, don't mess with me! There's no way I can fight you seriously... Not in your current state!

Rachel: Are you afraid? Of losing spectacularly to me while groveling on the ground?

Ragna: Ha! Don't make me laugh... You're gonna regret this!

<Rachel Victory>

Ragna: End of the line. I'm not really sure what you're trying to do, but whatever it is... It's over. Don't push yourself any harder.

Rachel: I thought I would never see the day when you exercise caution fighting me.
...But I suppose I've seen enough. More than enough of both your strength and your willpower.

Ragna: Good. Now, you better get back to the--

Rachel: Ragna... Promise me, you will do everything you can to avoid a man named Naoto Kurogane... Please.

Ragna: Naoto? Oh, that guy...? What about him?

Rachel: *Sigh* It seems my warning comes too late. Never mind. Do whatever you can to stay out of his sight.

Ragna: Uh, okay... Anyway, you need to go back to the castle. Leave the rest to me. Seriously...

Rachel: What is this? Concern for MY well being? Do not underestimate Rachel Alucard.
I've watched you this long... I will witness the very end before I perish.
Besides... there's still another child who concerns me.

Stage 7: Noel Vermillion

Blockaded District
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.14

Rachel: Have you found it? This thing that you've supposedly lost?

Noel: How do you know that...!?

Rachel: You've put a lock on all your memories, and detached yourself. I suppose I can understand why...
If my prediction is correct... that was the only thing you could have done.
But... right now, you have strength. Even the strength to govern that power.
When you accepted HER, it was without a doubt your own strength that allowed it. I hope you have not forgotten how strong you are.

Noel: Then... do you know what it is? What I've lost?

Rachel: I suppose I do... more than you, at least.

Noel: Please, tell me! I... need to find it. But I'm not even sure what I'm looking for!
If there is something I must do, I don't want to run away from it! Please, tell me what it is...

Rachel: Your memories are only half-present, but your soul has matured quite a bit. Very well, I'll give you a hint. Courtesy of the house.

<Rachel Victory>

Noel: Godslayer... Strength that I once... had?

Rachel: Right now, you are missing something very important. Until you regain it, you are completely powerless.
Those without power cannot bring about change. Only succumb to the will of their own fate. I'm sure this is not what you want...

Noel: ...Yes. I would like to choose my own path. With my own strength.

Rachel: Naturally... Those with strength can change destiny. But it will affect everything in your surroundings...
So, Noel. I need you to think really hard... Why did you choose not to do anything?
Once you understand the reason for your choice, you must welcome her.

Noel: The reason of my... Understand. I'll find it!

Rachel: (It seems... I still have a little bit of strength left...)

Stage 8: Yuuki Terumi

Closed World -The Gate-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-0

Rachel: I've looked all over for you, Terumi... and here you are.

Terumi: Looked? For me? YOU? Well, I wasn't expecting the infamous blood sucker to seek her own destruction.
I thought you quite the sadist, but... I might be wrong about you. You know you don't stand a chance against me now... Lookin' to get tossed around?

Rachel: I see you are as vulgar as ever. How provoking... But I've come to shut that mouth of yours once and for all.

Terumi: Yet you know you can't win... Damn vampire... What do you want?

Rachel: What I want? I thought I've made myself quite clear. To make you disappear... along with me.

<Rachel Victory>

Rachel: This is the... end... Ah--!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 05.png

Rachel: *Pant pant* Not now...

Terumi: Did you really show up without a plan!?
How stupid are you!?
Piece of trash...
Now tell me, what do you want, little Alucard princess?

Rachel: Kuh... Right now is extremely important for me...
...and I cannot have you interrupting anything.

Terumi: Interrupting...? Well, I've got no idea who would drive you this far, but...
I'm really not into the whole martyrdom thing.

Rachel: (No.. I can't... move.)

Terumi: Whoever it is, I'll make sure they're right behind you.
Goddamn vampire...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Rachel Alucard Arcade 06.png

Jubei: That's enough, Terumi!

Rachel: Jubei!?

Terumi: G'rah, you damn feline! What do you want!?

Jubei: You've done more than enough, Rachel... Let's go!

Rachel: Yes... Thank you, Jubei.

Jubei: Trinity's on the move.
We're going to collect it...

Rachel Act 3

to be continued

Story Mode

The vampire found Noel in Ibukido, and began watching her – she was unable to sense the power of the Godslayer radiating from her and told Noel herself, wondering if it had been severed from her. She was instantly teleported alongside Noel outside of the facility to Amaterasu by Izanami and tried to stop Noel from Observing the Embryo, but it was too late and both of them were taken inside it. Rachel became one of the chosen. [33]

When Rachel awoke, she was inside a version of the Alucard Castle. Her memories were unaffected and she was greeted by Nago, Gii, and Valkenhayn. She had noticed that their memories were altered, but the pieces of them would not fit properly which left some memories conflicting with others. She left after smacking Gii across the room for an inappropriate comment. [34] She later found herself captured and in a cell next to Ragna. She chastised him for his memory loss [35], and watched as he was interrogated by Hazama. [36] Ragna opened her cell once he was freed due to the lack of soldiers around him to enforce his restraints. [37] Rachel navigated her way to the Kagutsuchi Port and was met by Amane, who warned her of how much she was intervening in the world. [38] She watched the Grim Reaper battle Nu. [39]

As with the other chosen, Rachel was transported to a version of Ikaruga inside the Embryo by Nine the Phantom. Valkenhayn found her and she asked him to find out who the chosen were and what they were doing as she lost the power to teleport – he agreed and she began to venture across the distorted landscape. [40] Naoto Kurogane eventually found her, and mistook her for Raquel Alucard. Rachel immediately recognized that his existence was identical to Ragna's and they began to fight, but she was not strong enough to best him. Valkenhayn came to her rescue, but before he could attack, Naoto was teleported away. The vampire's servant begged her to stay away from him no matter what. [41]

Rachel found Ragna, whose memories had returned, and they talked about the Embryo and any possible way to defeat Izanami. She told him that fighting her would only lead to him becoming berserk again, and that one of the chosen had to defeat Izanami and create a new possibility with their Azure fragment or the world would end. [42] Both of them were attacked by Azrael, but Ragna was able to repel him. Azrael left them alone after mocking Rachel and her inability to fight and when Ragna was summoned to Izanami's location. [43]

In Wadatsumi, Rachel watched as Ragna and Kagura fought, feeling sympathy for the former as he walked down a "thorny path". [44] She met Ragna a little later with Valkenhayn by her side. She warned him that he could not take the dreams of all the chosen, and stopped her butler from trying to prevent him from leaving. [45] She met with Kagura and Kokonoe, asking them to help Ragna fulfil his goal, and they agreed, later locating where he would next be placed with Phenomenon Intervention [46]. They brought Ragna back to the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko. Kokonoe and Kagura explained that the last few Phenomenon Interventions were caused by Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem, the secret eleventh Nox Nyctores and that it was hidden underneath Sector Seven, inside Nine's workshop. [47] The following morning, Rachel was part of the strike squadron sent to Nine's workshop, and listened to the sage's explanation of the Prime Field War, the world they lived in, and why she created Requiem. Rachel further watched as Ragna defeated Nine. [48]

The workshop was soon assaulted by Izanami and Nu, who had come to kill them all. Rachel could do nothing but watch as Nine finally died using the Radiance of Extinguishment to delay Doomsday, and was forced to leave Jubei behind fighting Nu while she and the others escaped via her teleportation, which was activated through Celica. [49] They arrived at Celica's church, which was burnt down in the past. Kokonoe returned to Yabiko and handed Rachel a communicator should something go wrong with Noel or Celica. She was amazed to see Noel navigate the church as if she had lived there. [50] She left a little later on to check on the underground of the church, finding a version of the Azure Grimoire still within it. The young vampire had tea with the others a little later on after telling Ragna, Jin, and Trinity Glassfille of her discovery. [51] She went with Noel and Ragna later that night to the location, helping Noel reconnect with her severed soul. [52] When Rachel returned, she learned of Kokonoe's plan to use Minerva to destroy Requiem [53] and used her teleporter to return to Yabiko after witnessing Celica's death. [54]

Rachel later listened in on Kokonoe's explanation of how to take down Izanami and Requiem. She also learned that Noel possessed one half of Saya's soul and that she was a perfect reflection of The Origin in the world. She agreed to be taken by Lambda to the frozen space-time but was separated from the rest of the group. [55] When she awoke, she found herself inside a restraining field created by Hazama, which slowly constricted the young vampire whenever she moved. Immobilized, Rachel suffered throughout her torture. Hazama told her about Izanami's defeat before kicking her and acknowledging that the vampire had suffered enough pain to die over ten times. [56] She was soon rescued by Ragna and Naoto, watching as Hazama jumped into the Boundary and then helping Ragna, Jin, and Trinity enter the exterior of the Embryo itself so they could rescue Noel from Susano'o. [57]

”Thanks for everything up until now.”

Outside the Embryo, Ragna told Rachel of his desire to “end the dream of God”. He picked her up and hugged her as he thanked the vampire for everything she had done for him, before erasing her memories of him. Rachel was passed to Valkenhayn [58] and the pair eventually returned to seithr, awakening in the new world Ragna would later create. There, she visited a makeshift grave for Ragna that used the Aramasa, his sword. She did not remember who exactly he was, but vowed to search for him. A mysterious individual formerly known as Tsubaki Yayoi came to the grave site to kill her, but ultimately decided to let her suffer the hell of "possibility" for her hope. [59]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

Bloodedge Experience

Rachel used Phenomenon Intervention and found herself in the middle of Shin Kawahama City, Japan. Time froze and she found Naoto Kurogane. Rachel looked at the boy from a distance - he had yet to become the young man she met in the Embryo. She attempted to say something to him, but disappeared as quickly as she had arrived.[60]


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