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"...We are "Babel." Those created by the Creator and given life..."

BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Hearn Full Body Art 2.png



Hair Color

Brown and white

Eye Color





BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Hearn (ハーン) is the leader of Babel. He is an Observer who is monitoring the Phantom Fields present within the Boundary.

Hearn first appeared in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War as one of its main antagonists.


The majority of Hearn's appearance is hidden by his cloak. He is a tall man with fair skin, bright yellow eyes, and prominent fangs. His long hair is divided into two colors: white on the left and brown on the right. His large black cloak has golden hemming with navy blue patterns across it. The collar has large white fur as well as large metal fastener on the front that has Babel's insignia. On the right of this cloak is a giant golden pauldron as well as several golden patterns. The cloak is frayed on the ends and its large hood is constantly pulled over Hearn's head.

Some of Hearn's appearance can be gleamed from underneath the cloak. All that can be seen is parts of a uniform that is fastened with a loose cord, of which a red talisman is attached. Hearn also wears large metallic boots which have a golden coloration.


Powers and Abilities

Hearn is an exceptionally strong Observer who is able to consciously take over the Observation of a Phantom Field. After a prolonged period, however, the strain fatigues him.