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  • The Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki delivers first party cookies to site visitors to better present a personalized view of the wiki and to associate your browser session with your account should you choose to register one. You may choose to not accept cookies from, however that will prevent you from being able to log in.
  • The Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki is not associated with any third party organizations and does not use third party analytics to track users and visitors.
  • The Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki collects visitor and user IP addresses, referral data, and their browser user agent string. This information is logged and is used for administration and troubleshooting purposes. This information is not shared with or disclosed to any third parties.
  • The Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki is not affiliated with any advertisers and does not present advertisements to users and visitors. The wiki only accepts donations through a service to be determined in the future to defray operating costs.
  • All article contributions to the Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki should be considered public in nature. Reverted contributions will remain in an article's history. Conversations or discussions performed on this site should not be considered private nor confidential.
  • Unlike other wikis, the Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki does not allow visitors without a user account to contribute, therefore no visitor or user IP addresses will be made public.
  • Passwords for user accounts are stored as encrypted data on the website's database. A user's password is considered private and will not be requested by any administrator associated with the Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki. If a user has reused their account password elsewhere it is recommended that they change their password to something unique.
  • The Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki is hosted in the United States of America and is owned by US persons. This website is subject to all applicable local and international laws.
  • Questions or concerns visitors and users may have regarding the Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki's privacy policy may be directed to the website's administrators.

Tracking and Analytics

To opt-out of The Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki's in-house tracking system please click here. If you wish to opt back in to our tracking system you may follow the same link once more.