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Order is a power that balances the world, keeping it in check. It gifts certain individuals with the Power of Order (秩序の力 chitsujo no chikara), allowing them to use their absolute willpower to help maintain this goal against threats to the world.

The most notable users of Order are Jin Kisaragi and Hakumen.


Order exists to balance the world, preventing any one person or thing becoming too powerful and dominating it. It is a natural product, and its power is both given and obtained through absolute willpower.

Order can manifest in different ways with different people. With Jin, it makes him more powerful in order to counter his older brother, Ragna the Bloodedge, meaning that the two are nearly always equally matched. Celica A. Mercury was born to oppose seithr, and so can nullify it with her mere presence. Furthermore, as the Power of Order is one's absolute willpower, they are able to nullify Phenomenon Intervention and even ward off the Immortal Breaker with ease. Jin demonstrated this ability after having the Immortal Breaker used against him by Izayoi.[1] The willpower of those with the Power of Order is enough to even will people into existence, albeit for brief periods. Jin used this technique with Platinum the Trinity.[2]

Makoto Nanaya appears to have a form of the Power of Order, having gained it through her sheer willpower and determination to protect her friends. Although it is not as strong as the other wielders, it allowed her to be able to have faint recognition of memories that were distorted by the Embryo.[3] Izayoi has also gained the Power of Order, having apparently inherited it from Jin's own weakness.[4]

Order can manifest in objects as well. Crystals exist beneath Celica A. Mercury's Church that eliminate seithr in the air, similar to Celica herself. During the Dark War, the Six Heroes lured the Black Beast to this location and were able to kill it thanks to the crystals nullifying its seithr-based powers. The Power of Order can also sense the living status of objects such as cauldrons.[5]

Relius Clover wished to create a world that was free of Order, hoping to eliminate it by obtaining the Azure and using the Detonator - Fluctus Redactum: Ignis to replace the Sankishin - Amaterasu Unit as the Goddess of a new world. His plan was ultimately unsuccessful.[6][7]


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Power of Order

A power possessed by Jin Kisaragi. It's a counter to those who threaten the world's order, and the larger the threat, the more this power grows.

Its original purpose was to 'keep the world in check', but this power is not associated with good or evil, and is not always used for the sake of justice. The source of the Power of Order is an 'absolute will', and it can ward off even Phenomena Intervention.[8]


  • It is unknown if Nine the Phantom is a product of Order like her younger sister, Celica. She has the natural ability to attract seithr, as opposed to her sister's natural ability to repel it.


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