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Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

In his, presumed, late teens, Relius was a member of the Immortal Breakers, an organization for hire that dedicated themselves to the eradication of extremely powerful individuals. Relius joined the group under the pretext of needing the money to fuel his research on the perfection of the ultimate doll, something that also required numerous strong souls. With Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, the two of them were hired by the Mitsurugi Agency and kept under the management of Kiiro Hikagami. They were deployed to Shin Kawahama City, Japan, to find and kill Clavis Alucard, a vampire.

In October, Valkenhayn sensed the presence of a vampire and attacked Naoto Kurogane. It was only under Relius' insistence that the lycanthrope left him alone. As Valkenhayn left, Relius taught Naoto fighting techniques that could be used against immortals. He detected the presence of Raquel Alucard, and asked that she keep her presence better hidden lest she attract Valkenhayn again.[1]

Later on, Valkenhayn and Relius found Clavis inside Naoto's apartment and battled against him. Relius, using his Drive, managed to suspend Clavis above the ground with various puppet arms. Unfortunately, they all fell to the floor as Clavis effortlessly and cleanly sliced them in two. As Valkenhayn was thrown out of the nearest window with Clavis following after him, Relius continued his pursuit. Ultimately, they were both unsuccessful with killing the vampire.[2]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

In the same week of October, Kiiro had relocated Relius and Valkenhayn to destroying the numerous bugs created by Spinner Superior. The two of them talked about the reasons why they joined, and questioned who was dealing with the various Apostles located around Shin Kawahama. The both of them were interrupted by Saya Terumi, who attacked Valkenhayn because of his assault on Naoto earlier in the week. Relius watched on as they battled against one another, taking interest in a special technique employed by Saya that allowed her employ incredible speed and power. Even as Valkenhayn as edging closer to death, Relius took no part in the battle, but instead displayed interest in Saya's Drive - Soul Eater. Despite her Drive automatically making her a target for their organization, Relius asked that Valkenhayn did not kill the girl, but they were interrupted by Naoto, who had come to defend his sister.

Relius and Raquel took a backseat as Naoto and Valkenhayn were raring to fight against one another. Before the battle could commence, however, Spinner himself appeared and kidnapped Saya.[3] Quickly creating a plan, Relius ordered Valkenhayn to help destroy the various sorcery circles that Spinner created in order to weaken him and allow Kiiro the opportunity to kill the mage.[4] Kiiro eventually completed the plan, but Naoto had lost an arm and leg in the battle against Spinner. Relius went out of his way to fashion replacement limbs for the boy, creating an arm and leg that functioned as naturally as his real ones once did.[5] Relius and Valkenhayn had kidnapped an unconscious Saya and taken her back to the Agency in the middle of the battle with Spinner, and were found by a man calling himself Hazama.[6]

Dark War

Phase 0

Prior to the beginning of the Dark War, Relius had become the leader of the Ten Sages - known as The One. He chose to collaborate with Shuichiro Ayatsuki, a world famous scientist, on the creation of something that could contact the Amaterasu Unit. One day, a man appeared who called himself Yuuki Terumi. This man offered the two scientists the chance to create a Kusanagi in exchange for the Susano'o Unit. Relius agreed to the proposition.[7] It was also around this time that he had created an artificial human that he christened Kazuma Kval. Kazuma was kept in the Magister's City of Ishana and was designed as a vessel for Terumi.[8]

Relius' single-mindedness on the creation of the Kusanagi led to Shuichiro creating a countermeasure called Kushinada's Lynchpin. Relius and Terumi failed to create the Kusanagi they desired, and instead created a Black Beast - a being that only seeks death and destruction. It swallowed Relius, destroyed Terumi's body and left Shuichiro for dead.[9] Their experiment to create a being that could kill God instead initiated the Dark War, and the Black Beast wrought destruction on humanity for 10 years before being killed by the Six Heroes.

Ikaruga Civil War

Remix Heart, that which is inherited, Spiral Shift

After the annihilation of Ibukido, Relius visited the ruins, finding Meifang Lapislazuli there. He wondered how she had survived, marvelling at her soul. He had Ignis attempt to grab her, but the soldier relented, claiming her body belonged to the Imperator alone. Relius decided to observe her from then on. [10] Relius immediately went missing afterwards, having taken Ignis to be with himself and leaving Nirvana behind. Sector Seven had attempted to keep track of him with undercover assistants, but all five of them had disappeared without a trace. Carl came home not long afterwards, and found the incomplete Nirvana with Ada's body inside. [11]

He would later visit the Military Academy, eliminating the Guardian on the lower levels and telling Ignis to not pursue Cypher Albar as he was not worth their time. [12] On the higher levels of the Academy, he came across Mai Natsume, noticing her soul is both male and female before leaving, noting how intriguing such a phenomenon is. [13]

Variable Heart

Upon learning that Meifang had plans for both Mai and Bell, Relius went to the Hazuki estate in the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu. There, he incapacitated Houichirou Hazuki and Rin Hazuki, using sorcery specifically to prevent Rin from copying his techniques with Vision. [14] He held them there to prevent them from interfering with Meifang's plan, but let the couple free after stating that he would not go any further. Upon leaving the estate, Rin prevented Houichirou from attacking Relius, and the Colonel noted that Meifang had become boring. [15]

Continuum Shift

According to the instructions of the Imperator, he arrives in the Thirteenth Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi" to monitor Hazama's actions. He fundamentally carries no interest in anything other than his research, and even his own son Carl is not an exception.[16]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Makoto Nanaya

Relius: You may as well reveal yourself. Spying is a nasty habit--especially when carried out so ineptly.

Makoto: Geez, was I that obvious? I thought I was tailing you pretty well, Colonel Relius. Guess I got a lot to learn.

Relius: You. You're that Nanaya girl, correct?

Makoto: Yeah. Lieutenant Makoto Nanaya, from NOL Intelligence. How'd you know that?

Relius: I saw great potential in you once... but I came to know better.

Makoto: ...! Colonel, wait! Colonel Clover...! I, I NEED to ask you about what I found below the Ibukido ruins.

Relius: Do you, really? Heh heh...what is this emotion I sense amid your pheromones? Hatred...or fear...? It matters not. Your soul is hardy. What say I put it to a little test, hm? Come, Ignis.

Makoto: T-The Nox Nyctores...Nirvana?! No, it's...different. Colonel Clover, what have you--?!

<Relius Victory>

Makoto: Guh...!

Relius: You're still not adequate to serve as a catalyst... but that doesn't mean that you are without your...uses.

Stage VIII: Iron Tager

Relius: Ah, yes. You're Kokonoe's errand-boy--her "Johannes factotum," as it were.

Tager: You...!

Kokonoe: Relius Clover?! How in the hell--?!

Tager: What?! Did you say Relius Clover?!

Relius: How the years have flown, Kokonoe?

Kokonoe: are you doing here...?! I thought I...!

Relius: You thought what?

Kokonoe: That I KILLED you!

Tager: Kokonoe, calm down.

Relius: Your disappointment is so keen. I can hear it eating into your words like rust. It sounds as though...oh my...was I your first kill?

Kokonoe: ...!

Relius: Apologies on having robbed you of that milestone, but I'm fine. Let's discuss the progress on your phenomena weapon. Much as I'd love to commend you, this...well, this is just pathetic. Why don't you use your magic?!

Kokonoe: Shut the hell up, bastard...!

Tager: You need to calm down, Kokonoe!

Kokonoe: Gruh...!

Tager: I don't know who you think you are, but you had better stop antagonizing Kokonoe. You disappoint me. I figured the NOL would teach its elite to have better manners.

Relius: Of course, that's not to say your little contraption doesn't intrigue me mightily.

Tager: What?!

Kokonoe: Oh shit,, goddamnit!

Tager: What's wrong, Kokonoe?! Kokonoe, come in...! Transmission terminated? Hey! What the hell did you just do?!

Relius: We're under Izayoi's influence, then? Capital. Hazama is actually carrying out his end of this endeavor. It's time...for a simple test.

<Relius Victory>

Tager: This power...! What is it...?!

Relius: A mere imitation after all. Hmm, just as I thought.

Stage IX: Carl Clover

Relius: Ada...

Carl: You don't get to call her that! Not anymore!

Relius: Carl...? What are you doing here?

Carl: I've looked high and low for you, Father. And we are.

Relius: Why were you looking for me? I left Ada in charge of babysitting you.

Carl: What?!

Relius: Speaking of Ada, she was incomplete when I paired the two of you up. If you managed to fix her yourself, I'm rather impressed.

Carl: "Fix"...?! This is my sister you're talking about--your daughter! How dare you--?!

Relius: I was searching for something. Ada was of use to me during the process, that's all, like any other tool.

Carl: What was so important, huh?!

Relius: It's none of your concern, boy. Now, if you're quite done fuming, I've places to be.

Carl: None of my concern...?! Father...I will never forgive you! SIS!

Relius: Ignis!

Carl: What the...?!

Relius: Quit now, before my creation makes mincemeat of you. I taught you better than to die for naught.

Carl: Ignis. You called that...that THING...Ignis...! Don't tell me that's--!

Relius: You've stoked an impressive hatred in your heart. You may live up to the Clover name yet.

Carl: You bastard...! You're the devil himself!

<Relius Victory>

Carl: I...I can still...fight...!

Relius: Even pulling my punches, I managed to give you a solid drubbing. You've potential, but no skill yet. Hmm...?!

Carl: Wh-What's going on...?

Relius: Teleportation...? Phantom... ... So you've been, Hazama?

Stage X: Hazama

Relius: Do get up, Hazama. It's unbecoming to see a man of your abilities crumpled in a heap.

Terumi: *cough cough* What the hell took you so long...? Dammit, I was having a kick-ass dream just now. Don't you dare get in the way.

Relius: Perish the thought. Please, keep resting up--as hard as you've worked, you deserve to. Though your choice of places to nap is a bit odd. The wind is strong here. Why not return to your quarters?

Terumi: Look at this wound, Relius. You see that? I'm gonna die any moment now. Are you blind, or do you just not give a shit?

Relius: Die? You? I didn't know it was an option. You've piqued my interest. Go ahead and expire. I'd love to see if it's possible.

Terumi: Are you out of your goddamn mind?! *cough cough*

Relius: I'm merely joking. Apropos of nothing, what happened to Ragna?

Terumi: Your face didn't look like you were joking... and ol' Saya-on-the-brain went traipsing off. Might be at the cauldron by now.

Relius: So, you've managed to cling to life, how?

Terumi: The little shit left without finishing the job. Hey, what's the point of having the life-link, anyhow? I'm in serious effing pain here...But what about you, huh...? Did you find what you were looking for....?!

Relius: Not yet. Shuichiro left behind a damned troublesome artifact...

Terumi: Kushinada's device, huh? *cough cough* Is it even worth our time? I mean, how the hell's it gonna help?

Relius: Our deaths mean nothing, Hazama. You of all people should know this. If you come back to life, I shall dispatch you myself.

Terumi: Huh?! Did you hit that over-educated head of yours on something? Cause if we do this, I ain't holding back.

Relius: I expect nothing less.

Numberless death


Terumi: Guagh! That...that really hurts...!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Relius Clover Arcade 01.png

Relius: Perish, Hazama.

Terumi: Heh heh're one cold customer, y'know that, Relius? I'm a friggin' mess. Would it kill you to pull your punches a bit?

Relius: You told me not to hold back, did you not?

Terumi: Oh, son of a--! I said I wasn't gonna hold back! Hahahahaha *cough*...

Relius: If only Ragna had finished you off like he was supposed to, we wouldn't have had to take part in this uncouth little display.

Terumi: Ain't that the truth... *cough* Next time I see that asshole, he's gonna cry blood.

Relius: Phantom...

Phantom: ...

Relius: It seems our time is up. Ignis...go with Phantom.

Terumi: Gah...heh heh heh heh...hahahahaha! Oh, you Takamagahara pieces of shit...! Just you wait! HAHAHAHAHAHA! ...Get it over with.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Relius Clover Arcade 02.png

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Relius Clover Arcade 03.png

Relius: I was hoping to witness the creation of Kusanagi with my own eyes. I never would have guessed #12 would be it. And Kushinada's Lynchpin, as well...I still have much to learn...

Chrono Phantasma

To him, all phenomena are nothing but "experiments." Such is the man called "Relius Clover." The creator of the Boundary Interface Prime Field Devices, as well as the Colonel of the Engineering Department for the current Novus Orbis Librarium, he created "Kushinada's Lynchpin" a long time ago together with "Shuuichiro Ayatsuki." Knowing that the Lynchpin now lies within Ikaruga, he begins searching for it.[17]

Chrono Phantasma

A month after the events in Kagutsuchi, Relius was given a job by Izanami – to activate the cauldrons across the Ikaruga Region to enact their plan for Doomsday. He returned to the Magister's City of Ishana and asked about the condition of her vessel before delivering his report on the progress that had been made. Relius left as he complimented the Imperator on never boring him.[18] He learned that Azrael had been released from the Dog House and that Kokonoe had escaped. Relius correctly assumed that she would be heading to Ikaruga, and made his way to a lab where Litchi was working. Complimenting her on the work she had accomplished, he took over, and told her that he had made her Arakune's Observer. Immediately afterwards, he called Hazama and asked for a favour. He found Hazama later on and assured him that the vessel he prepared for Phantom was good and Izanami was sustaining him.[19]

Relius continued his job of activating the cauldrons around Ikaruga. When he arrived in the 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Kou, he intended to activate the cauldron there, but found Jin Kisaragi blocking his path. Intrigued at the young man's ability to sense whether the cauldron was dead or alive, he still wanted to continue his mission. Jin blocked him, but both Relius and Ignis defeated him, with the Colonel employing a technique taught to him by Izanami to do so.[20]

In the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu, Relius called Litchi and asked her to look at seithr readings in the city, discovering that they had fallen and risen at inexplainable rates over the last three days. He incorrectly believed it to be the Lynchpin's doing, and had Arakune investigate. Carl found Relius and the two battled after Relius remarked that he would break his hatred, dodging questions about Litchi. After the battle, Relius promised Carl that he would rebuild Ada in the future when he was ready.[21] Arakune soon came back to report his findings to Relius, telling him that both Ragna and Noel were in the NOL branch in Yabiko. Satisfied, he wondered what Kokonoe would do with the Lynchpin and sent Arakune away to Hazama.[22] When Terumi and Phantom arrived from their journey in Yabiko, the God told Relius that Celica was in the modern world, resurrected as a Chrono Phantasma, piquing the scientist's interest.

Relius was present when Izanami ordered the destruction of Takamagahara. He told her that all the cauldrons in Ikaruga were activated, and Doomsday was soon to commence. Relius then took Litchi, Ignis, and Nu to the 8th Hierarchical City of Wadatsumi where the Lynchpin was waiting. He battled against Ragna.[23] When the Ex Machina: Minerva appeared to protect Celica and stop Nu from killing Noel, Relius complimented Kokonoe on its design. He stopped Ragna from progressing and told him that he had released all the cauldrons in Ikaruga, and that the world was insane since it repeated The Origin's finite memory. Carl soon joined his father in the battle, but thanks to Tsubaki and Makoto joining the opposition, Ragna, Celica, and Noel escaped. Relius and Carl made for an insanely strong team with their automatons, leading to the opposition having to take them on separately. Relius battled Bang alone.[24]

Valkenhayn appeared, battling Relius and giving Bang enough time to jump on top of the Lynchpin, which was teleported away by Rachel. Shortly afterwards, the flow of seithr in the world was halted. Relius had failed, but before Valkenhayn could kill him, Nirvana blocked the blow and the group retreated. He asked Carl why he saved him, and was told that he still had a promise to keep – Ada's revival. The mad scientist laughed to himself and told his son that he would make good on his promise.[25]

Sector Seven

Litchi stormed into his office and demanded to know where Arakune was – he let her know that he had already sent the monster into the Ikaruga Region.[26] He returned to Ishana and watched as Izanami went into the cauldron to activate Takamagahara.[27]

Later on, Relius was approached by Hazama in his lab. The scientist told him that he was aware of Bullet and Bang Shishigami roaming Ikaruga but had allowed them to do since they had the Phoenix: Rettenjo. He then left his lab, not telling Hazama where he was heading.[28] He was in the Grave Marker of Bases and was found by Litchi, Kokonoe, Bullet, Bang, Kagura, and Makoto. He revealed to them all that he was going to create another Black Beast using some of Litchi's research and would have Arakune serve as the foundation for the monster.[29]

Six Heroes

At some point, Relius battled against Valkenhayn, defeating him and moving onward. He only battled him because of their old friendship, and remarked how Valkenhayn did not interest him at all.[30]

Central Fiction

The colonel of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Engineering Department, and the creator of the Boundary Interface Prime Field Devices. He fundamentally carries no interest in anything other than his research, and even his own son Carl is not an exception. Bringing along his wife, whom he had altered into the "Detonator," he investigates the gathering of the Chosen in Kagutsuchi.[31]

Like many others, Relius was absorbed into the Embryo and became one of the chosen – Ignis still accompanied him. His memories were completely unaffected, unlike many others who had been taken inside it. He found Makoto in the Kagutsuchi museum and began commenting on the strength and brightness of her soul despite her being taken into the Embryo. [32] He later found Izanami bathing, and they discussed her vessel and the creation of Prime Fields before leaving for Ikaruga. [33]

Independently, he found Nine and the two began discussing the Nox Nyctores, the Dark War, and how to remove the Tsukuyomi Unit that was protecting Amaterasu. He suggested contacting Hazama as he believed him to be bored with nothing more to do. [34] A short time afterwards, he found Litchi, and commended her on being able to hold herself together inside the Embryo and using Lao Jiu to retrieve memories from the Boundary. He did warn her, however, that her body will deteriorate if she comes too close to Arakune [35] In Akitsu, he found Ragna investigating the cauldron, and was fascinated at how he was able to hold his sense of self despite not being chosen. He battled him to verify some speculation and left soon afterwards after asking him to fight Izanami so he could watch the aftermath. [36] The puppeteer later found Nu being assaulted by Arakune and he repelled the monster, then offered to conduct repairs on the Murakumo Unit. [37]

His son had found him eventually, and asked Relius if he could be taught of his father's knowledge. Relius agreed to help Carl, interested in what in his son could do with all of his knowledge. With this, Relius explained to him the Prime Field War, [38] and how he had seen it with his own eyes, verifying the information. [39] He sent his and Ignis' information into the Embryo, finding Hakumen and Tsubaki within it – the data fought the member of the Six Heroes, and evaporated after it had observed what Relius needed. [40] He told Terumi the shape of Hakumen's soul and soon left the Embryo using the Boundary as a travelling device with Ignis as the method to survive inside it, having observed everything he desired after giving Carl one of his “eyes”. [41]


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