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Akio Osafune/Biography

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Embryo Incident

Code: Embryo, Lost: Memories

He was first seen cornering Akira Kamewari, wanting to beat him up. However, Kuon Glamred Stroheim arrived and beat up the other thugs. He then attacked Kuon with his Drive before running off. [1]

Later that night Touya Kagari and Es followed him to the Restricted Ward. He attacked Es with his Drive, but Es blocked it. He asked to know if Touya is “Touya Kagari” and once Touya said yes, he demanded Touya hand over the Grimoire. When Touya claimed he didn't have it Akio just decided to kill him and take it from his corpse, launching a giant steel tower at Touya and Es. However, it was destroyed by Kuon's Fire magic. Es then knocked him out and restrained him. Once he woke up Es demanded to know why he knew Touya's name and hit him when he refused to answer. Akio eventually caved and said that he learned it from a man dressed in black with white hair, who promised to help him if he brought the Grimoire. Before he could say anymore his crystal progressed into phase four. Drei and Acht then appeared to collect him and took him away with them. [2]

As his crystal progressed to phase five Drei claimed he was of no use anymore. Ripper then appeared and brutally killed him to eat his crystal. [3]


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