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"Isolation is the testament of a true warrior."
Houichirou Hazuki

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BlazBlue: Remix Heart
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Houichirou Hazuki (ホウイチロウ=ハヅキ) is the patriarch of the Duodecim's Hazuki family. He is a Military Lord of the Novus Orbis Librarium, husband to Rin Hazuki and the father of Mai Natsume. He was once the former commander-in-chief of the NOL.


A dark skinned, muscular man with dark hair and eyes. Houichirou is tall and intimidating, often dressed in a light suit with various cords and buttons designed around it, giving it a military look; the shoulder pads are of a darker color. He wears matching pants and a small cross on his collar as well.

As a younger man employed by the NOL, Houichirou wore the standard NOL attire of a sharp blue suit with a large shoulder cloth with various insignia sewn upon it. He had slightly longer hair in these days, and lighter eyes.


Power is all that truly matters to Houichirou, it is a philosophy that he has installed across the Hazuki household. To most, it would appear that he values this trait above his own family, but he loves them in a way that may seem odd - he will not hesitate to send assassins after his own family in order for them to prove their strength. He is strict and stubborn but has the power to uphold his beliefs. He believes that one worthy to be the head of the family has no need for friends, and that being isolated is the ultimate telling of a warrior. [1]

Powers & Techniques

Physically, Houichirou is almost unrivalled. Without much effort, he defeated Mai and is wanted for assassination by numerous organizations because of his incredible threat. His own presence is so intimidating that Rin has copied it as a technique. Since he is one of the very few people who has taken on Azrael by himself and repelled him, Houichirou's physical strength is one of the highest in the BlazBlue world.


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