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"But since Mai knows his true strength the best, there is no reason to be worried about her."
Rin Hazuki

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Rin Hazuki

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BlazBlue: Variable Heart

Rin Hazuki (リン=ハヅキ) is the mother of Mai Natsume, wife of Houichirou Hazuki, and current matriarch of the Hazuki household. She's the only known user of Vision.


Rin looks almost identical to her daughter Mai. She has a toned build with long blue hair tied up in a ponytail with a ribbon at the bottom of the length. She has green eyes, large breasts, pale skin, and a singular ahoge.

Rin is first seen in a formal white dress with short ruffled sleeves. Over this was another, darker, dress which opened up towards the front of her pelvis and had a small strap lower down to prevent it opening too much. She also wore a small ribbon around her neck and a high, dark-colored collar.

When sparring with Mai, Rin was seen in a tight black tank-top and tight black shorts. She also wore shoes with metal toecaps and heels.


Contrasting quite drastically with the seriousness of her husband, Rin is care-free and seemingly ditsy. She's quick to come to conclusions, even with very little evidence, but she is much smarter than she lets on.

As a member of the Hazuki's, it is likely that she carries the philosophy that the strongest should survive. She shows a great deal of love for her daughter.

Powers and Techniques

A Hazuki - Rin's last name alone is a testament to her strength in battle, but she has an ability unlike any other - Vision. Vision has allowed her to copy multiple abilities and Arts over her lifetime, and she is a physically strong and agile fighter without it. She has at least copied Taro's Ars Magus strings, Meifang's mysterious ability, and her husbands intimidating presence, all of which she can effortlessly use in battle.


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