Mind Eater (Opprimo Vinculum)

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Mind Eater (Opprimo Vinculum) (強制拘束マインドイーター) is one of the two Mind Eater spells, the other being the Mind Eater (Maledictus Plaga). This spell forces its victim to completely obey the caster.


During the Dark War, Nine the Phantom used this spell on Yuuki Terumi, who was possessing the body of Kazuma Kval. She forcibly applied to him in the Alucard Castle, but had not accounted for the fact that Terumi and Kazuma's minds were separate, and both could control the body they inhabited.[1] Throughout the Dark War, Nine believed she was in complete control of Terumi and his body, but when Kazuma took control, he acted under the guise of Terumi and the two eventually convinced Trinity Glassfille to break the spell.

Years later, Terumi ironically used this spell on Nine, forcing her to obey him, Hazama, Izanami, and Relius Clover. This spell was eventually unbroken by Nine herself when the Embryo swallowed everyone.[2]

When applied, the caster can instantly find the location of the victim, and the victim cannot lie to the caster. Experienced mages can break this spell, but it takes time in order to do so. Opprimo Vinculum is near identical to its Maledictus Plaga variant.


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Mind Eater (Opprimo Vinculum)

Magic that forcibly allows one to control the will of another. Nine used this on Terumi during 'Phase Shift 2'.

At present, Terumi is the one using Mind Eater on Nine, causing her to become a puppet.[3]

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