Shin Kawahama City

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Shin Kawahama City is a city in Japan, and the home of Naoto Kurogane. It is the main setting for BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience - Part 1 and BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience - Part 2.


Shin Kawahama is a large city with multiple points of interest. Shin Kawahama First High School is one of the schools in the city, and there are also various middle schools in the area; a school bus system exists. There are numerous large apartment blocks across the city, and several that are abandoned. A hospital used to exist on a hill near one of the apartment buildings, but a virus allegedly escaped and melted everyone who lived nearby, leaving only behind their clothes. It is likely that this was actually the work of Clavis Alucard in his mission to eradicate Soul Eater.[1][2]

Within the city there is also a large park and arcade near its center. Down a dark alley is an adult store named "The Department of Sexual Desire", which sells numerous adult items to its patrons.[3] Yuki Hayami owns at least one entire apartment complex in the city, and is a generous landlady to Naoto.



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