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Species Name


Species features

High physical strength, high Ars Magus aptitude, high seithr resistance, average lifespan, primarily female species

Notable Members

Taokaka, Torakaka, Totokaka, Suzukaka, Chachakaka

The Kaka (カカ) are a species created from the genes of Jubei. They are a small, primarily female, species that have formed a clan within the depths of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.


Just before the Dark War, the Kaka were created by an unknown country using Jubei's volunteered genes. The country was soon wiped out by the Black Beast, leaving the Kaka homeless. With the help of Jubei and his youngest brother Munefuyu, they relocated the clan and created a small village. This village was primitive, being made with boulders and shacks. When moving around boulders, the Kaka came across a hot spring and built around it. Despite the troubles of the Dark War, the Kaka were happy and content with their life despite the ethical and moral implications of their creation. During this time period, the strongest Kaka was Suzukaka. Jubei had a personal relationship with the Kaka, even going so far as to refer to them as his daughters.[1]

The clan flourished here until the Black Beast's death, and they relocated to the mountaintops. To the Kaka, Jubei and Munefuyu are always referred to as Lords. Yuuki Terumi attempted to hunt and kill Kokonoe while she was still a child, but the Kaka kept her safe and hidden.[2]

Years later, the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi was built on top of their village against their protests. The Kaka were forced to live at the lowest possible level of the city where the many buildings above them blocked out most of their natural sunlight. Totokaka, the last of the original generation of Kaka's, would soon find herself as the elder of the tribe, leading them through the years after the Dark War. At some point, a tradition was established where the most powerful Kaka of a generation would become the village guardian. The known members of this role have been Momokaka, Torakaka, and Taokaka. Another part of Kaka culture is their religion, which little is known about; the only religious relic that has been shown is the giant statue of the "Cat God" in the center of their current village. [3] After the Ikaruga Civil War, the clan became plagued with visits from Arakune, who would attack the village and even devour some of their kittens until he left around 01/07/2200.

Genetically, Kaka's are very similar to beastkin, and are often put in the 'beastkin' umbrella which consists of other humanoid species with animal traits. Kaka's are almost exclusively female, with males rarely being born - it is because of this that they are usually unable to make their numbers swell above 100 members. Like demi-humans, Kaka's are resilient to seithr and some of them are capable of naturally using Ars Magus without grimoire's. [4] Izanami believes that the strength of the race has weakened as its bloodline has become more diluted with each generation. [5]

Most Kaka's are not especially smart, but neither Torakaka nor Totokaka exhibit this behaviour. In their society, all members have the suffix -kaka at the end of their names. Cat-like behaviour is also found in their society, as they enjoy fish, taking long naps in the sun, and using 'meow' and variations of it sporadically in their speech patterns. Physically, Kaka's are strong, and one in particular, Chachakaka, was hired as an assassin.

Because of the discrimination they face, the Kaka's generally keep to themselves, but it is not irregular for some of them to venture beyond the village and travel the world. They have allies in both the Alucard Clan, and Sector Seven. A doctor in Orient Town, Litchi Faye-Ling and her student Linhua have a close relationship with the Kaka clan, delivering them medicine and tending to their injuries. Bang Shishigami, Ragna the Bloodedge, and Noel Vermillion are also welcome in their village, while Jubei and Kokonoe will pay them occasional visits.

Known members

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Kaka Clan

A group of living weapons created from Jubei's genes. They currently live below the 13th Hierarchical City, 'Kagutsuchi.'

They have a custom where each generation, one is chosen to be the guardian of the village. The current guardian is Taokaka, but since she is travelling with Ragna due to Jubei's recommendation, the previous guardian Torakaka is watching over them in her place.[6]


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