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Sector Seven (だいななかん) is an organization which engages in scientific pursuits. They actively oppose the Novus Orbis Librarium and do not use Ars Magus. The organization is run by the Committee and was founded by Yuuki Terumi.


Originally, Sector Seven was a collection of smaller groups that had existed prior to the Dark War, but they were soon absorbed into the NOL in the aftermath, but at some point, it split away from the organization, becoming independent. Unlike the NOL, which is similar to an international task-force, Sector Seven is closer to a confederation of like-minded scientists. They actively research and apply science in everything, believing that Ars Magus' application is too widespread - this said, they are not above using it when they need to. They consider themselves to be the exact opposite of the NOL despite being a much smaller organization. Even though Sector Seven is comprised mainly of scientists, they do engage in politics and deploy field agents to various locations across the world - they were an important player during the Ikaruga Civil War, but their actions never reached the public eye.

The organization's research has recently concerned the Boundary and seithr. Their headquarters and laboratories are fuelled with electricity, and not by Ars. Sector Seven's headquarters were built on top of the First District in Japan to prevent anyone from accessing Nine the Phantom's laboratory. Deep within the headquarters lies both the Dog House and a cauldron.

Their ultimate goal is to create a world without Ars Magus nor seithr, hoping to restore the world to the same way it was prior to the Dark War - their plan being to nullify Grimoires. They appear to have dropped this goal in the new world created by Ragna the Bloodedge.





Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Sector Seven

An organization composed of multiple smaller groups that has existed since before the Dark War. Kokonoe and Tager are among its members.

They are enemies of the Novus Orbis Librarium, considering the Librarium's society based on Ars Magus unacceptable. They wish to restore the world of the past, not relying on Ars Magus or Seithr. To do so, they are searching for ways to nullify the driving force of Ars Magus, the 'Grimoires,' and thus wish to obtain one of the original Grimories, the 'Azure Grimoire.' [2]


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