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Species Name


Species features

Shape-shift between human and wolf forms, high physical strength, exist outside of Logic, long lives

Notable Members

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Lycanthropes are a race of shape-shifting beings who can turn between a human form and a wolf form. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is the only known member.


The lycanthropes were created by humans in the ancient past using sorcery. As they are an artificial race created with sorcery, all lycanthropes exist outside of Logic, making them formidable fighters. They all have an unusually long lifespan.

Although they can shift between being human and wolf, lycanthropes can also morph specific parts of their body to either shape. Valkenhayn, in human form, has been shown to morph his hands and feet into claws, and keep the rest of his body human - he has also been shown to change his head to a wolf's head when fighting as well. Clothes worn by lycanthropes in their human forms also seem to shift back and forth with the wearer, not becoming damaged or torn between transformations.

The race is extremely rare, as noted by Clavis Alucard. In the modern society of BlazBlue, they are often categorised as demi-humans, meaning that their social standing is often lower than that of human citizens,[1] and are also, in turn, generalized as being beastkin. Despite this, it is difficult to tell a lycanthrope from a human when they are in their human form, but it is still possible. [2]

Known members


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