Alucard Castle

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Alucard Castle

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The Castle of Alucard

The Alucard Castle, also called the Alucard Manor, is the home of the Alucard Clan. The castle's grounds exist within a dimension that rests in an eternal night.


The castle has existed prior to the Dark War, and was first chronologically seen under the ownership of Clavis Alucard. After defeating one of the wielders of Soul Eater, he returned an Embryo to the castle, and it eventually transformed into Raquel Alucard.[1] At some point, Clavis stored the Susano'o Unit within its grounds.

Geographically, the castle does not exist anywhere in the world. The moon hanging in the sky never wanes and its night never ends.[2] According to Clavis, the castle both exists and does not, yet is connected to every dark night in the world; he compares it to the dark side of the moon.[3] When under Clavis' residency, the castle's gardens were wrought with ivy, while the castle was in a state of disarray. Now under Rachel's residency, the castle's gardens thrive with bright red roses and the castle is in a much healthier condition.[4]

The castle has hosted numerous guests over the years. They include Hakumen, Jubei, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Celica A. Mercury, Platinum the Trinity, Tomonori, Kazuma Kval, Yuuki Terumi, Nine the Phantom, and Trinity Glassfille. It is usually accessed through teleportation, but both Terumi and Nine have accessed the castle through unknown methods.[5]





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Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Alucard Castle

Castle of the Alucard family. At present, Rachel, Valkenhayn, Nago, and Gii reside here. It's unknown where exactly in the world it is located.[6]


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