Immortal Breaker (Ability)

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Izayoi's failed Immortal Breaker on Izanami

The Immortal Breaker (不死者殺しイモータルブレイカー, lit. "Killer [of] ImmortalsImmortal Breaker") is an ability possessed by both the Ars Armegis - Zero-Type Izayoi and the Legacy Weapon - Gallia Sphyras: Outseal. The ability allows its user to not only damage those with strong healing factors, but kill those which cannot be killed through conventional methods.


An ability that can kill immortals by placing the idea of death into their minds, even killing Observers and Onlookers such as Rachel Alucard. Beings with strong regenerative abilities, such as the Fuzzies, can have that factor stopped by a blow from Immortal Breaker.[1]

Although this ability allows its user to kill those who are considered immortal, it does have some conditions. Beings such as Izanami, who is a living Drive, cannot be killed by the ability[2], and those trained with the Power of Order are able to resist the Immortal Breaker's power to place death in the victim's mind. Izayoi first used this ability against Jin Kisaragi in an Eclipse Field but failed to kill him because of the Power of Order.[3]


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Immortal Breaker

An ability held by the 'Zero-Type Izayoi', and one of the reasons it's known as an Anti-Observer Weapon. It is a 'lance' capable of defeating those 'outside of reason.'

Because this ability can force one to 'recognize their death' it is even capable of 'killing' beings such as Rachel. However, this ability is nullified by the 'Power of Order', so it has no effect whatsoever on Jin.[4]

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