Eye of the Azure

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The Eye of the Azure力の眼(ちからのめ) is a power granted to perfected Prime Field Devices. Noel Vermillion, as the Successor of the Azure, inherits this power as well.


The holder of the Eye of the Azure gains the power to observe the world through the Master Unit's eyes. If the holder of an eye observes something as a reality, it becomes reality in the world, regardless of any other circumstances. If the Eye of the Azure was used to intervene in events, then the world could be changed to the user's desires. Additionally, the Master Unit can only be located in the boundary by those who holds the Eye of the Azure.

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Library Entry

Eye of the Azure

A power Noel possesses as the Successor of the Azure. It allows one to recognize the location of the Amaterasu Unit within the Boundary.



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