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The Six Heroes

The Six Heroes are a legendary group of heroes who fought in the Dark War, defeated, and killed the Black Beast.


During the Dark War, those who would become the Six Heroes banded together in 2107, some of them having briefly met the year before. In 2106, the man known as Bloodedge stopped the Black Beast for one year by sacrificing himself. This allotted time allowed for Nine the Phantom to create Ars Magus since most of humanity could not learn magic nor sorcery to defeat the Beast. Within the 0th Magical City of Ishana, the Heroes mobilized with the Magic Guild, forming an army that could battle the Beast.

Four of the Six Heroes wielded Nox Nyctores during this time. Despite being the most recognized figures of the Dark War, they were not the only ones to make significant contributions. Bloodedge, Clavis Alucard, Rachel Alucard, Celica A. Mercury, Seven, and Eight were also significant contributors to the Beast's defeat.


After the Dark War, they were remembered in history, although Hakumen's reputation was largely tarnished thanks to his cold remarks towards the remainder of civilization when the war ended. Trinity was largely forgotten by most for unknown reasons, and Valkenhayn retired to the Alucard Castle to care for Rachel as she slept for nearly a century. Jubei would roam the world becoming a well-known and liked figure, while Nine was remembered for her contributions towards Ars Magus - Terumi's legacy is unknown.

Nearly a century after the war, their legacy is still known around the world, with nearly everyone knowing at least their names. Merchandise was made of them and was still distributed for decades - this includes picture books and multiple movies.[1] Tsubaki Yayoi grew up collecting their merchandise, being a particularly big fan of Hakumen. Valkenhayn has also remained popular in the modern world, being an idol of Iron Tager's.[2]


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Six Heroes

Six Warriors who defeated the Black Beast during the Dark War. They were:

Hakumen (their leader)



Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Yuuki Terumi

Trinity Glassfille[3]


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