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11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu

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The 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu is a Hierarchical City within the Izumo Region. It houses the Hazuki family and serves as the main location for the second half of BlazBlue: Variable Heart.


Not much is seen of the Hierarchical City. Makoto Nanaya notes that the lower levels of the city are filled with slums. Higher levels have thick, grassy plains and flowing rivers. The Hazuki estate resides in one of these areas.

Like all Hierarchical Cities, the Novus Orbis Librarium branch sits at the top of the city, while a cauldron sits within it.

People born in Shinatsu

People living in Shinatsu

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu

One of the Hierarchical Cities in the Izumo Region.
This is the home city of Makoto.[1]


Shinatsu is named after Shinatsuhiko-no-Kami, another name for the god of wind, Fūjin.


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