Committee of Hearing

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The Committee of Hearing (查問委員会) was an organization that existed during the Dark War. It stood as judge and jury for disputes between the Mage's Guild, the Orbis Librarius Norma, and the United Nations.


Nine's trial.

This organization was formed sometime during the Dark War, although it is unknown when as multiple organizations formed in the vacuum of power created by the war's destruction. The majority of its members were from countries outside of the Magister's City of Ishana who fled to the island for refuge. The chairman was Ishanan, and used sorcery to amplify his voice during its assemblies. Trials were conducted in a large assembly hall with a podium at its center. Representatives from different countries lined the hall, giving the impression of a jury. The defendant is restrained with sorcery to prevent them from escaping or using their own sorcery in retaliation, although the restraints can be broken by exceptionally powerful sorcerers.

In 2106, Nine the Phantom was detained by the Committee of Hearing after her actions in humanity's first victory against the Black Beast. She was detained by Seven and Eight, who watched the trial unfold.[1] Nine was stripped of her responsibilities and all decisions to do with the war were immediately transferred to the OLN. The Nox Nyctores - Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi was also given to the OLN, and all Ars Magus related activities were taken from the Mage's Guild and the UN to be given to the OLN. The trial concluded with Nine's arrest and a warrant being issued for the arrest of the other Six Heroes.[2] Both parties, however, escaped arrest.

It is unknown what became of the Committee after the Dark War.


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