Great Library

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Trinity Glassfille within the Great Library

The Great Library (大図書館 Dai Toshokan) is a huge library that is located in the Magister's City of Ishana.


Described as being as large as a small school, with tall, white walls and a soaring green roof, the Great Library is managed by the Mage's Guild but is open to all residents of Ishana. It contains many books that were not expected to survive certain events and some that supposedly do not exist in other parts of the world.

The interior of the library is so huge that light cannot enter the building. Lights powered by sorcery give a whimsical feel to the inside, and the tall, white walls are lined with bookshelves so high that ladders must be used to reach the highest shelves. The Great Library contains lore that was not made publicly available, records of all religious ceremonies practiced since ancient times, patterns for ancient sorcery, synthetic alchemy tables, information on the latest scientific and medical advances, and even discourse about the combination of alchemy and science. It also contains discourse on the history of magic, sorcery, and alchemy.

Kazuma Kval spent two days within the library attempting to discover information on the Azure but was unable to find anything related to the power. Classified materials are kept within the Cathedral at Ishana's center, and can only be accessed by members of the Ten Sages.[1]


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