Age of Origin

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The Age of Origin (原初の時代) was a time period in which Arts were created and the Prime Field War was waged. Little is known about the time period, as it is only detailed in myths and legends. Clavis Alucard is the only known person to have lived during this period.


During the Age of Origin, humanity discovered the Susano'o Unit within the Boundary. This lead to the discovery of the Amaterasu Unit. Humanity, unable to enter the Boundary, created artificial humans known as Prime Field Devices in order to explore it. This lead to the creation of The Origin, who became the Eye of the Azure. Out of fear, humanity begun the Prime Field War, which set a sequence of events that would lead to the end of the Age of Origin.

During this time period, humanity created Arts in order to win the war because their opponent existed outside of Logic. Magic and Sorcery were developed during this time, as was the Hihiirokane and Sealed Weapon Izayoi. Humanity also created a Black Beast and the Takamagahara System during this time period. The Age of Origin came to an end when The Origin remade the world in her image using her memories of how it used to be.[1] Somehow, knowledge concerning the Age of Origin was contained within the Magister's City of Ishana, hidden deep within its Cathedral and away from prying eyes.[2] Nine stumbled across information about the Age of Origin during the Dark War. The information she discovered allowed her to create Ars Magus and Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi.[3]

Although never clarified, it is likely that the Age of Origin predates both the XBlaze and Bloodedge Experience Possibilities. This is because of the existence of Arts within both Possibilities and the nature of their existence.


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