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Species Name


Species features

Various animal features, long lives, low Ars Magus aptitude, high physical strength

Notable Members

Jubei, Tomonori

Beastkin (じゅうじん) are a species in the BlazBlue world. They are sentient, humanoid animals who have existed secretly from humanity for most of their history, only making themselves publicly known during the Dark War, and joining society in its aftermath.


A secretive race, even before they made themselves known, beastkin are creatures which resemble beasts, yet speak in human languages and come in several sub-species themselves. The only known beastkin sub-species is the cat variant.

Unlike humans, beastkin are capable of incredible strength and can live very long lives. Despite Jubei being a well-respected member of the Six Heroes, beastkin face constant social stigma for not being human, and are treated as second-class citizens. Novus Orbis Librarium soldiers have been known to contribute to the stigma, laughing in the face of even Jubei for his race - one reason for this is because the species has difficulty using Ars Magus. [1] Because of the racism they all face, the word 'beastkin' is used as an umbrella term for beastkin, demi-humans, Kaka, half-beastkin, and lycanthrope despite them all being different biologically and culturally.

The Kaka and beastkin are genetically very similar as Jubei's genes were used to create the first members before the outbreak of the Dark War. As such, there is a very close relationship between both races.

Known members

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry


Refers to humanoid beasts such as Taokaka and Jubei. They have high physical abilities and long lives, among other traits. Kokonoe is a 'half-Beastkin'. [2]


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