Canonization Ceremony

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Konoe Mercury. I hereby appoint you as a Ten Sage, one who possesses great wisdom... You are now called 'Nine'

The Canonization Ceremony(列聖式 Resseishiki) is a rite in the Mage's Guild that one must pass in order to become one of the Ten Sages. It is held within the Ishana Cathedral in the center of the Magister's City of Ishana.


When a person with exceptional talent with magic, sorcery, and alchemy is chosen to become a member of the Ten Sages, they must first undergo this ceremony. It is held at the center of Ishana in the Ishana Cathedral; furthermore, the ceremony is held deep within the Cathedral, illuminated by floating crystals that emit a sorcery based light, giving the impression of a divine presence.

The ceremony involves the current Ten Sages forming a circle around the initiate, all wearing robes and their respective Sage's hat. The leader of the Sage's will walk forward and call the name of the initiate and formally announce their new name as one of the Sage's. Their new hat is then placed upon their head and the ceremony ends with repeated chanting.

Konoe A. Mercury went through this ceremony in the January of 2106, completing her rites early in the morning and becoming Nine.[1]

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Canonization Ceremony

A ceremony used to appoint people to the highest position in the Mage's Guild, the 'Ten Sages.' Those chosen receive a large, purple, triangular hat as proof of their position.[2]


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