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Hazama, a Blue Grimoire.

The Blue Grimoire (碧の魔道書, Ao no Madōsho), also known as BlazBlue (ブレイブルー Bureiburū), is a Grimoire that was created by Yuuki Terumi. It has similar yet superior functions to the Azure Grimoire. Unlike the Azure Grimoire which can take any form, the Blue Grimoire is a person - Hazama. Like the Azure Grimoire, it is an imitation of the Azure Flamed Grimoire.


Created by Terumi, the Blue Grimoire was designed to be a superior version of the Azure Grimoire. There are differences in how they both work, but the Blue Grimoire was designed to trump the Azure Grimoire in every way.[1] The Blue Grimoire can connect to the Boundary, and is a cauldron in its own right. By using it, the user can massively augment their own strength.

Terumi would utilize this Grimoire to best Ragna the Bloodedge throughout the Continuum Shift created by Noel Vermillion. Ultimately, Lambda-11 sacrificed herself to take a fatal blow aimed at Ragna, and then gave her Idea Engine to him before passing away. The Idea Engine changed the composition of the Azure Grimoire and allowed Ragna to defeat Terumi shortly afterwards despite the initial advantage that the Blue Grimoire had given him.[2] Later on, Hazama and Terumi used the Grimoire against Ragna again, but the presence of Celica A. Mercury made Hazama sick and the battle was abandoned.[3] The reason why Hazama cannot stand to be in her presence is because of Celica's ability to nullify and purify the seithr around her - as a Blue Grimoire is literally a cauldron and needs seithr to function, Hazama would feel sick as a result.

During the Dark War, a man called Kazuma Kval was likely a Blue Grimoire. Kazuma was created by Relius Clover, so it is unlikely that Kazuma is a Blue Grimoire in the same sense as Hazama, but they exhibited the same strengths and weaknesses that are caused by being one. Kazuma would also get sick in the presence of Celica A. Mercury.[4]


Activation Call

During the Arcade modes of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Hazama or Terumi would activate the Blue Grimoire against their opponents. At this time, the Blue Grimoire was localized as Azure Grimoire, something that was changed from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend onward.

  • "Restriction 666 released! Dimensional interference force field deployed! Code S O L. Azure Grimoire, activate!"

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Blue Grimoire

A Grimoire possessed by Hazama. It has the ability to neutralize the power of Ragna's 'Azure Grimoire.'[5]

Dimensional Interference Field

One of the spells necessary for Ragna and Hazama to utilize their BlazBlue. Details are unknown.[6]

Restriction 666

One of the spells necessary for Ragna and Hazama to utilize their BlazBlue. Details are unknown.[7]


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