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This chronology is a direct translation of the chronology provided in the BlazBlue: Central Fiction Official Setting Material Collection. It details the timeline of BlazBlue up until the events of BlazBlue: Central Fiction. It makes use of the Gregorian calendar.


  • The "Susano'o Unit" is excavated from deep within the earth in the island nation of "Japan"
  • The "Cauldron" is discovered even deeper than the Susano'o Unit, and the unfathomable space within it, the "Boundary," first becomes known
  • Important figures congregate to check the inside of the Boundary and debate how to make contact
  • After partly understanding that the Boundary could affect the construction of the world's time and space, the autonomous system "Takamagahara" is built to monitor it
  • After the Takamagahara System begins service, someone Interferes
  • It is partially discovered that the source of the Intervention is an existence in the Boundary greater than either the Susano'o Unit or the Tsukuyomi Unit, the "Amaterasu Unit"
First War of Ars Magus (the Dark War) AD2100 Starting Point of the Loop ※1
  • The "Black Beast" appears in Japan and the First War of Ars Magus (the Dark War) begins
  • The whereabouts of Relius Clover and Shuichiro Ayatsuki become unknown
  • Hakumen fights the Black Beast alone, but is bitterly defeated
  • A fighting force is raised against the Black Beast, but they couldn't even scratch it (Because of this, Japan is annihilated)
  • The Black Beast begins to advance on Eurasia.
This causes him to awaken as "Yuuki Terumi"
Terumi murders Tomonori (Jubei's younger brother), and Tomonori's "Eye" that saw Terumi's true form becomes Jubei's prosthetic eye
Terumi is sealed away by Clavis Alucard
Ragna and Celica participate in the fight against the Black Beast and force it to stop its activity
  • Six warriors gather together (Terumi is released from his seal by Nine)
  • The Black Beast begins moving again and Eurasia's resistance unfolds
  • Armed with Ars Magus, humanity experiences its first victory against the Black Beast
The organization begins to monitor Grimoires
  • Ars Armegis begin to be used in war
  • The deciding battle with the Black Beast
  • The Black Beast is defeated, and high concentrations of "seithr" contained in the Black Beast's body are spread across the world
  • The six warriors begin to be called the "Six Heroes"
Terumi throws Nine and Trinity of the Six Heroes into the Boundary (Trinity seals her soul into the Muchourin)
Terumi is sealed again by Jubei and Hakumen (At the same time, Hakumen is sealed away)
  • The remaining Six Heroes disappear
  • After the end of the Dark War, about half of humanity's population remains
  • Reconstruction with the use of Ars Magus begins, and construction begins on the Hierarchical Cities in order to escape from seithr
  • The
    Integrated City統合都市 Tougou Toshi
    [T/N 1] "Izanagi" is completed.
  • As a result of the ecosystem being destroyed, a large amount of new lifeforms appear
  • To oppose these new lifeforms, the NOL licenses "vigilantes," who fight with their own weapons and equipment.
  • Around 100 or more cities flourish, rapidly approaching humanity's heyday.
  • Of the twenty three Hierarchical Cities, one is declared the
    Global Unified Administrative Organization世界統一管理機関 Sekai Touitsu Kanri Kikan
    [T/N 2] (Integrated City)
  • Takamagahara uses its power to release Terumi's seal in the Boundary
  • Those with high aptitudes for Ars Magus are given preferential treatment, causing dissatisfaction to rise among some of the citizens
Second War of Ars Magus (the Ikaruga Civil War) AD2191
  • The 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido and 5 of its surrounding hierarchical cities declare themselves the independent "Ikaruga Federation"
  • The NOL refuses to acknowledge the Ikaruga Federation and moves to suppress them
From this, the Second War of Ars Magus (the Ikaruga Civil War) begins
  • Sector Seven uses the Ikaruga Civil War to begin experiments on smelting a "Black Beast"
  • The Ikaruga Federation expands their territory
  • In response to this, the NOL criticises their aggressiveness
After Ragna's right arm is cut off, he suffers deep wounds in a fight with his changed younger brother, Jin.
However, by transferring the Black Beast's corpse [to Ragna], Rachel is able to take back his life
  • Tager succumbs to nearly fatal wounds and undergoes modifications from Kokonoe
  • Ibukido, located in the center of the Ikaruga Federation, is destroyed in an attack from the Nox Nyctores "Gigant: Takemikazuchi"
In its scorched ruins, Noel is discovered with amnesia
  • Noel is adopted into the Vermillion family
  • The "Phenomena Weapon Dispossession Operation" that Relius thought up is put into action by Sector Seven
  • The Ikaruga Federation attempts to negotiate for peace, but the NOL refuses
  • Kokonoe discovers Hakumen in The Edge and retrieves him
  • Litchi Faye-Ling defects from Sector Seven in order to search for Arakune
  • Tenjo is defeated by Jin Kisaragi (but Jin loses his memory of this)
Homura is protected by Kagura Mutsuki under Tenjo's instructions
The NOL completes its suppression of Ikaruga and the end of the Ikaruga Civil War is declared
  • For his achievements, Jin is promoted to Major, becoming the youngest squadron leader
  • Carl, after the completion of Nirvana, leaves the Military Academy and disappears
  • Branches of the NOL are destroyed one by one
  • The NOL names the culprit, "Ragna the Bloodedge," a wanted criminal and places a huge bounty on his head
  • Noel Vermillion enters the Fourth Thaumaturgist Squadron and becomes Major Jin Kisaragi's secretary
Story of Calamity Trigger AD2199.12.31
  • Ragna the Bloodedge appears in Kagutsuchi
  • Kokonoe sends Tager to Kagutsuchi
  • Arakune begins to act
  • Jin ignores his orders to standby
Noel receives orders to force him to return and chases him
  • After chasing Hakumen who is headed for Kagutsuchi, Jubei also ends up in Kagutsuchi
The others, like Rachel and Carl, show up in Kagutsuchi one by one.
  • Ragna confronts Nu-13 at the Cauldron in the lowest layer of Kagutsuchi
Nu-13 merges with Ragna and they awaken as the Black Beast.
Looping World
In the looping world, Ragna and Jin (independently of each other) fall into the Cauldron and time-travel to the age of the Dark War
Kagutsuchi is wiped out by an attack from "Takemikazuchi"
When Ragna and Nu-13's fusion seems about to complete, "Takamagahara" returns to "Starting Point of the Loop ※1"
(Escaping the Loop)
Loop Ends
  • Noel awakens to the power of the
    "True Azure"真の蒼 Shin no Ao
    , and by saving Ragna ends the time loop
  • Ragna, Jin, and Noel are saved, Nu-13 falls into the Cauldron
  • With Noel's power of "Observation", Terumi's existence is established
  • Continuum Shift確率事象 Kakuritsu Jishou lit. "Probabilistic Events"
    begin(s) to occur,
    uncertain不確定 Fukakutei as in "indefinite, ambiguous, the Uncertainty Principle"
    events are born
Story of Continuum Shift AD2200.01
  • First Lieutenant Tsubaki receives orders to assassinate Jin and Noel and arrives at Kagutsuchi
  • Colonel Relius Clover and Captain Hazama (Terumi) travel together to Kagutsuchi
  • Kokonoe settles Nu-13's soul into the 11th PDF, and she is reborn as Lambda-11
  • Hakumen and Rachel desert Sector Seven together to chase after Terumi
  • Jin escapes from the
    skyship魔操船 Masousen lit. "Magic-operated ship"
    he's being held in
The Power of Order begins to awaken, allowing [his] control over the Nox Nyctores "Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa" to succeed
  • According to Hazama's plans, Noel despairs in the world and awakens as Mu-12
  • In protect Ragna from Hazama's attack, Lambda-11 receives an injury she cannot recover from
Ragna absorbs Lambda-11's Idea Engine to overwhelm Hazama, and futhermore sacrifices his left arm to return Mu-12 to Noel's form
  • "Takamagahara" Observes Mu-12 for an instant, allowing Terumi to slip in and take over
  • The highest ranking figure of the NOL, the "Imperator," appears before Ragna and co.
Tsubaki's eyesight is restored with the Imperator's power
Litchi returns to the NOL in order to return Arakune to his original form
  • Jin becomes Jubei's disciple
  • In order to lure out the Master Unit "Amaterasu," Hazama gathers relevant people at the Hierarchical Cities of the "Ikaruga" Federation.
Story of Chrono Phantasma AD2200.02
  • Tsubaki is promoted two levels to Major for her achievements in repelling Ragna and protecting the Imperator
  • Azrael is released from Sector Seven's seal. Kokonoe, whom he is escaping from, appears before Kagura and they join forces
Azrael receives from the
a request to retrieve the Azure Grimoire and heads to Ikaruga
  • Nu-13 is resurrected as the "Sword of Hades." She undergoes
    from Hazama
  • Celica A. Mercury is resurrected in the current age by Kokonoe
  • Amane Nishiki momentarily leaves his position as first seat of the dance troupe to search for Carl Clover in Ikaruga
  • Bullet looks for Kokonoe in order to determine the true culprit behind her prior mercenary squad's annihilation
  • Ragna, Jin, and Noel agree to work together due to Kagura's efforts
  • Bang meets Homura again with Kagura's guidance
Azrael intrudes upon the tournament grounds and is confined to a dimensional prison
Tsubaki's "Sealed Weapon Izayoi" awakens to "Zero-Type Izayoi." Tsubaki is released from the Imperator's Mind Eater
  • Ragna travels through the Boundary to the age of the Dark War. After experiencing battle with the Black Beast, he returns
  • According to [the wishes of] the world's citizens, the Imperator transfers all power over the NOL to Homura
Izanami releases "Cauldrons" around the world. The overflowing seithr begins absorbing peoples' lives, which gathers around Ikaruga's Altar.
v-13 assimilates Noel. With the power of the "Successor of the Azure," the "Nemesis Horizon" is opened and the "Master Unit Amaterasu" descends
"Takemikazuchi" appears on the ground. Together with Nu-13, it attacks the Master Unit. Rachel uses the "Tsukuyomi Unit" to protect [the Master Unit]
Bang successfully activates "Kushinada's Lynchpin"
Ragna expels Nu-13 [from Takemikazuchi], and Takemikazuchi is stopped
  • Izanami causes Ragna's "Azure Grimoire" to run amok. Jin and Noel are injured while trying to stop it
Takemikazuchi floats into the sky over Ibukido and transforms into a black ball that absorbs seithr, the "Embryo"; seithr disappears from the world
  • Ragna's whereabouts become unknown
Tsubaki travels in search of Ragna
Story of Central Fiction
—During a Continuum Shift




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