Immortal Breakers (Group)

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The Immortal Breakers

The Immortal Breakers are a group that are dedicated to the eradication of extremely strong individuals who pose a threat to world peace.


Although they seem to be dedicated to the eradication of strong individuals, the Immortal Breakers are closer to a mercenary group than a company. Within their ranks were once Valkenhayn R. Hellsing and Relius Clover. They are said to be extremely expensive to hire since they have such talents.[1] Members of the Breakers have joined for the large sums of money they gain from completing each assignment; some also joined for the thrill of battling the strongest existences.[2]

The Mitsurugi Agency hired the Breakers to deal with Clavis Alucard after the Mass-Disappearing Incident. They repeatedly tried and failed to defeat the vampire.[3] Kiiro Hikagami, a member of the Agency, was put in charge of Valkenhayn and Relius during the hunt.

It is unknown what has happened to the Breakers just prior to the Dark War as both Relius and Valkenhayn had left its ranks by this time.


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