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The Apostles are a group of men made the indoctrinated slaves of Spinner Superior. There can only be 15 at any given time, and were created for the purpose of gathering strong souls that could be used in the creation of a bug that could fuse himself and another.


When Spinner arrived in Shin Kawahama City, he had the objective of finding enough strong souls to create a unique bug that would allow for the fusion of himself and Raquel Alucard. He created several insects that would attach themselves to various men around the city, with each person becoming a corrupted version of themselves and having a drastically lowered life-force value. The insect itself that infects an Apostle is around the size of a human head.

When a male is in the process of becoming an Apostle, their personality becomes more agitated, aggressive, and primal. They will occasionally emit insect-like noises and their life-force value will drastically drop, reaching as low as the thousands. As time progresses, they will eventually stop being reasonable and their values will drop to 0 - the same as the deceased.

When an Apostle reaches the final phase, they are deadly. They will pursue their targets with reckless abandon and will forget who they are. Their human body will sprout numerous beetle legs and claws, becoming more like an insect than a man. Even if an Apostle is killed, it means nothing - the insect from within will emerge to continue its job, and their sharp claws can easily cut off a person's arm.

The first known Apostle chased Raquel throughout Shin Kawahama before being killed by Naoto Kurogane. The insect from within, however, took his arm before it died.[1] The second was Tadayuki Isa, one of Naoto's teachers. This Apostle is the only one who has been saved from the condition thanks to a life saving operation by the Mitsurugi Agency.[2] The last known Apostle was killed by Naoto when he was training for taking on Spinner, and he effortlessly defeated it with a single blow to the head.[3] The rest of the Apostles were being hunted down, with Relius Clover hinting that it was Kiiro Hikagami who was eliminating them all.[4] If there any remaining Apostles, it is unknown what has happened to them as of Spinner's death.


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