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The Mitsurugi Agency is an organization that is dedicated to the protection and management of the world's safety, although it achieves these goals with questionable methods. [1] It has existed prior to 2050. Members of the agency include Es, Touya Kagari, Kiiro Hikagami, and Ciel Sulfur. The Agency has its own personal army in the form of Sleipnir.


The Mitsurugi Agency concerns itself with the welfare of the world at large. It are primarily known for its involvement with Drive-Unions after the Wadatsumi Incident around the year 2040, in which the Agency tracked down and treated various Unions despite their condition being terminal. Around this time, also in Japan, the Agency invested deeply in the creation of the T-System, a device which would allow the complete control of humanity's thoughts to prevent crimes from occurring.

The Agency has relationships with other organizations, such as the Mage's Guild based in the Magister's City of Ishana. The Agency has been known to hire outside help from professionals such as the Immortal Breakers to deal with targets like Clavis Alucard beyond its expertise. It also has an unusual relationship with the Japanese government, having a strong say in public welfare despite being a company. The last of the Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Field Es, Kiiro, is directly under the Agency's employment.

The Agency's ultimate goal is the acquisition of the Azure. It also aims to eventually employ all Drive-users into Sleipnir, creating a monopoly on Drives. Drive-users that they can not acquire are eliminated. [2]

Certain comments from Jubei suggest that the Agency is still present in the modern BlazBlue world in the year 2200. [3]






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