Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge

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The Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge was a tournament in the February of 2200AD that was organized by Kagura Mutsuki of the Novus Orbis Librarium and Kokonoe of Sector Seven. The tournament was designed to lure Azrael and Tsubaki Yayoi into the Colosseum in the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko so both could be apprehended.


During this period, Izanami was utilizing Phenomenon Intervention on a large-scale with the Takamagahara System. Kokonoe and Kagura needed to have Tsubaki by their side, but she was under the control of Mind Eater - as well as this, Azrael was prowling the Ikaruga Region, and he was a variable that could ruin the group's plan to defeat Izanami. With Ragna as bait, Kagura announced the tournament, stating that whoever won would win 90,000,000P$. Such a tournament was bound to attract Azrael, and Tsubaki would be lured as Kagura told her that he would hand the criminal to the Major afterwards for interrogation. Around this time, everyone was under the impression that Ragna was in a Binding Array, but his movement was unrestricted.

130 contestants from across the globe entered the tournament. Bullet entered the tournament so she could get close to Kagura and thus close to Kokonoe. Rachel Alucard and Celica A. Mercury watched it unfold, placing bets on each match, with Rachel winning the majority of them. Celica's ability to nullify seithr made the battles go by slowly as contestants, including Bullet, struggled to use Ars Magus. Bullet's opponent was meant to be Bob, but he was defeated before his arrival by Azrael, who had also defeated the other combatants on his way in. Azrael then fought Bullet, viciously defeating her and breaking her arms and legs.

Ragna jumped into the arena to save her, pulling the Mad Dog's attention to him. Their battle was intense, but Ragna stalled on activating the Azure Grimoire. During the fight, he came to understand its power. Azrael attempted to assault Celica to anger Ragna, but Rachel threw Gii in front of the attack; the assault led to the evacuation of the arena's audience. Kagura switched in to prevent Ragna from fighting further, taking on Azrael as Kokonoe and Tager prepared to teleport the Mad Dog away to a dimensional prison. During this fight, Kagura lost consciousness for a split second, but noticed that Azrael didn't push the advantage; he deduced that Azrael would only attack if his opponent had the will to fight, so he stopped fighting altogether. Azrael was confused at Kagura's sudden lack of aggression, and Kokonoe took the opportunity to teleport him to Tager's location, where the Red Devil punched him with all his might, and then teleported him to the dimensional prison.[1]

Tsubaki, who had not watched the tournament, entered the Colosseum later and heard belatedly about Azrael's appearance. She reprimanded Kagura for not accounting for the Mad Dog and was directed to the main part of the Colosseum where she was to collect Ragna. Bullet was sent to the infirmary, where Celica treated her wounds.


Immediately following the tournament's conclusion, Makoto Nanaya, Jin Kisaragi, and Noel Vermillion battled Tsubaki, forcing her to turn into Izayoi. Through their combined efforts, they broke Izanami's grip on Tsubaki's mind, freeing her and turning her to their cause against Izanami.[2] Ragna's realization about his usage of the Azure Grimoire convinced Rachel to take him to the Grave Marker of Bases where he was sent back in time to the Dark War; Ragna was pulled out of this era after halting the the activity of the Black Beast for a year.[3] This tournament also acted as a rehearsal for Kokonoe and Kagura's plan to battle Izanami.

Despite Azrael being put in the dimensional prison, he escaped some time afterwards by ripping through it with his bare hands and entering the Embryo.[4]


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge

An event organized by Kagura. On the surface, it was a grand tournament to try and win the bounty on Ragna's head, but in reality, it was a plan to capture Azrael when he came for the 'Azure Grimoire', as well as recovering Tsubaki when she came to apprehend Ragna.[5]


Bullet's match-up for the final qualifiers of Kagura's tournament. However, he is crushed by Azrael before he can step into the arena... A very unfortunate warrior.[6]


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