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Vision (擬態者ヴィジョン) is a rare ability that allows its user to instantly copy any Art they see, even if it is only once. Sorcery, however, is excluded from this repertoire.[1]


Rin Hazuki is the only known user of this ability. She used this ability to help train her daughter, Mai Natsume, before her fight against Houichirou Hazuki.

She has copied the mysterious ability used by Meifang Lapislazuli, Taro Sasaga'e's strings, and the intimidating presence of her husband, Houichirou. As Taro's strings are actually his weapon, and Houichirou's presence isn't an art, but something natural, there does not seem to be a limit on what vision can copy. However, the ability copied is not as strong as the original. It is possible for the No-Name Grimoire to copy this ability in around the space of a week.

According to Shiori Kirihito, vision practitioners are incredibly difficult targets to fight for any Arts user as their own techniques and abilities will be used against them, even if it took them years to learn the original technique. [2]



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