Mind Eater (Maledictus Plaga)

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Mind Eater (Maledictus Plaga) (呪縛陣) is a spell that enables the caster to project their consciousness into a victim, enforcing their will, thoughts, and even speech. It is one of the two Mind Eater spells alongside Mind Eater (Opprimo Vinculum).


Primarily enforced by Izanami to control Tsubaki Yayoi, the wielder of the Sealed Weapon Izayoi. The spell was only enforced when Tsubaki had been thoroughly manipulated by Hazama, had her eyesight taken by Izayoi, and begun doubting her values.[1] Maledictus Plaga does more than enforce the consciousness of the caster, but also forces the victim's complete loyalty, making them disregard and even turn against friends and those they consider family.

It takes over a month for the spell to completely take over the mind of the victim. During this period, the personality of the victim is still present to some degree, exemplified by Tsubaki disliking fighting tournaments even when over 50% of her mind was already corrupted.[2] Before the corrosion is complete, it is possible for the victim to break out of the spell, but they need to do so of their own will, something that Tsubaki managed to do when she believed that she had killed Jin Kisaragi.[3]

Victims of Maledictus Plaga have bright red eyes. Their struggle against the spell is seen when they visibly resist following orders and voice their will even when the caster attempts control. It is similar to Opprimo Vinculum, the other Mind Eater variant, but that spell primarily enforces obedience instead of consciousness.


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Mind Eater (Maledictus Plaga)

A spell the Imperator placed on Tsubaki to force her absolute obedience. It allows one to project their own consciousness into another. Nine and Hazama are also able to use it[4]

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