Origin of the Grimoire

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Touya activating the Grimoire's power.

The Origin of the Grimoire (原初の魔導書, Gensho no Madōsho), also known as the Original Grimoire, is a type of Grimoire that predates the Dark War. In the XBlaze Possibility, it exists as Touya Kagari. Its location in the BlazBlue possibility is unknown.


The Origin of the Grimoire is a crystallization of incredibly dense seithr. It belonged to the Magic Guild and was kept under strict watch by them. It is said to contain the power of the Black Beast and is capable of untold destruction.[1] The Grimoire grants its wielder two abilities: XBlaze and Soul Eater. XBlaze allows the user to quickly drain the seithr in the area surrounding them, and Soul Eater releases this seithr to create a black mist that is deadly to everyone around them. The Origin of the Grimoire naturally absorbs seithr it comes into contact with.

In the XBlaze Possibility, the Guild gave the Grimoire to the Takamagahara Organization as a part of their joint collaboration in developing the T-System. When the day came to create the T-System, the Grimoire went out of control, creating a black storm that killed over 3000 people. Due to internal sabotage by Ryouko Kagari and Sui Amanohokosaka, the experiment that was to create the T-System ended prematurely, saving lives and placing the Origin of the Grimoire directly in front of the Embryo, which was possessed by a young girl who would later become known as Hinata Himezuru. The girl, using the power of the Embryo, recreated the Origin of the Grimoire in the form of her deceased friend, Touya Kagari; Touya does not just possess the Origin of the Grimoire, he is it.[2] Neither Hinata nor Touya remembered this event, which later became known as the Wadatsumi Incident. The land destroyed by the Grimoire became known as the Restricted Ward.

When Hinata was thrown off a building by the Drive-Union serial killer known as Ripper, Touya's intense emotional response lead to him awakening the power of the Origin of the Grimoire. After instinctively activating his XBlaze, he drained most of the seithr from Ripper and nearly killed Kuon Glamred Stroheim with his own presence. Touya was calmed by Mei Amanohokosaka and Es when they revealed that Hinata was both alive and well.[3] From this point on, Touya began to control and master his power.

In the BlazBlue Possibility, a replica of the Origin of the Grimoire was created by Shuichiro Ayatsuki and implanted into Nine the Phantom. This copy functions as her left eye and absorbs the seithr which she draws towards herself. The location of the original is unknown.


Activation Call

  • Code: Soul Eater! XBlaze, ignite!

Official Descriptions

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Origin of the Grimoire

Origin of the Grimoire. A unique creation containing an unfathomable concentration of seithr. Originally intended to be the power source for the Embryo.[4]


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