New Testament Grimoire

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The New Testament Grimoire (新約の魔導書, Shin'yaku no Madōsho), known also as the Idiot Drive (イディオットドライブ, Idiotto Doraibu), is a type of Grimoire that existed prior to the Dark War and in the XBlaze possibility. It was possessed by Freaks.


Upon its activation call, the New Testament Grimoire will activate XBlaze, an ability possessed by all other Grimoires in the XBlaze possibility that drains the life-force of those nearby.

Freaks gained this ability after he absorbed the power and seithr of Touya Kagari, the Origin of the Grimoire. He used it to fight against Touya, Es, Mei Amanohokosaka, Kuon Glamred Stroheim, and Elise von Klagen. The combined efforts of Touya and Es 'killed' Freaks while he was casting this ability, leading to the re-emergence of Kiri.[1]

Activation Call

  • New Testament Drive -- XBlaze!


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