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TOi, short for Technology Of Interest, is a news-sharing program popular in the world of XBlaze. It was created by Souichiro Unomaru.


TOi is a program that automatically collects news articles based on a user's preferences. However, it is secretly powered by the T-System and is used as a high-level information control system. The information that people in Shin Yokozaki City sees is slightly different from the rest of the world and Unomaru is using these differences to test the T-System.

In XBlaze Code: Embryo TOi is used to determine story progression. As the game progresses, new articles will appear and new scenes will be unlocked depending on whether the player reads them and what other characters read the articles.

Official Descriptions

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry


TOi, aka Technology of Interest, is an article aggregation program currently popular with the young and the young at heart. It analyzes a user's preferences and interests and automatically gathers information from the internet. The developer is a mysterious person only known as “TC.” [1]


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