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The Mage's Guild (魔道協会 Mado Kyōkai) was an organization that existed in the Magister's City of Ishana during and prior to the Dark War. They specialize in the research and application of magic and alchemy. After the Dark War, the Guild merged with the Orbis Librarius Norma to become the Novus Orbis Librarium.

In XBlaze the Mage's Guild is known as the Magic Guild.


Situated in Ishana, the Mage's Guild is an organization that is not only dedicated to the development and research of magic and alchemy, but is also both a governing body and education organization that governs the island. Lead by the Ten Sages, the Guild also has the aim of maintaining the society of Isahna as well as raising the next generation of mages and alchemists.

Within Ishana, the Guild has three main buildings that they manage: their school, the Great Library, and the Ishana Cathedral. The existence of the Guild, like Ishana itself, is unknown to the world at large, their existence being a secret. Alongside the Ten Sages, the Guild is further regulated by the Committee of Hearing.[1]

The Magic Guild ceased to exist after the Dark War, fusing with the OLN to become the NOL. The Duodecim were created from twelve leading houses from the Guild.




Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Mage's Guild

An organization that is not associated with any nation.

It is not clear since when they have existed, but their origins can be traced back for at least a few centuries. They never operate in the eye of the public. Their network extends to regions across the globe, and due to its unique organization, they have their own form of government.

Their function and objectives are to advance and experiment in the arts of alchemy and magic. As a result their greatest strength as an organization is their education system, which is how they send great mages and alchemists alike into the world.

Standing at the top of this organization is a committee known as the 'Ten Sages.' Only the elite of the top few are appointed to these seats.[2]

Mage's Guild Academy Uniform

School uniforms worn at the Mage's Guild Academy. They basically consist of a white top and black bottom, as well as a short cloak quite fitting of a magician.[3]


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