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The Committee.

The Committee is the leading body of Sector Seven. Its numbers are comprised of numerous high-ranking members of the organization and are responsible for the majority of actions that Sector Seven takes.


Given that Yuuki Terumi founded the organization, it is unknown if Sector Seven was always led by the Committee, and it's unknown how many fill its ranks. During the Ikaruga Civil War, the Committee discreetly formed a relationship with Tenjo Amanohokosaka, promising to help aide the Ikaruga Federation in the war against the Novus Orbis Librarium. Around this time, one member hired Azrael to increase the headcount of the war.

In 2193, one year into their cooperation with Tenjo, the Committee began experiencing difficulties with her objections to the Ibukido Experiments. Some members of the Committee wanted the war to continue just so they could personally profit from it, and they eventually brought Relius Clover on board to help with the retrieval of the Nox Nyctores - Deus Machina: Nirvana in the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi.[1] The Committee were unaware that they were being manipulated by Relius and Hazama throughout the war.

In 2196, one year after the civil war's conclusion, a Committee member hired Azrael to find the Azure Grimoire, but it was actually a ploy by Kokonoe to capture Azrael. The member who had originally hired Azrael was later found dead.[2] In 2200, the Committee turned their backs on Kokonoe, releasing Azrael from the Dog House to hunt her and Iron Tager.[3] It is unknown what happened to the Committee following the events of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.


Official Descriptions

Library Entry


The upper management group of Sector Seven. They oppose the Librarium. Kokonoe detests them, often calling them things like 'idiots' and 'old geezers.'[4]


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