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Shin Kawahama First High School

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Raquel displaying the school's uniform

Shin Kawahama First High School is a high school within Shin Kawahama City, Japan.


The school seems have to large grounds and is located around 30 minutes away from a set of apartment blocks that are owned by Yuki Hayami. There is a dedicated bus route, but they are usually crowded with students.[1] The school itself is just outside of the range for TOi.

There are two known Councils within the school - the Student Council, and the Beautification Council. The Student Council focuses on delivering documents to students and acting as a place for the students to voice their complaints. The Beautification Council focuses on the school festival that arrives once every late October as well as focusing on the aesthetics of the school. It is not uncommon for members of the Student Council to spend time after school to continue their duties.[2]

As well as numerous classrooms, there is also a library, a gym, and an outside area. The rooftop is open to students during lunch. According to Raquel Alucard, there are at least 8 Drive users within the school.[3]

Faculty and Alumni


The male uniform for Shin Kawahama First is pure black. It consists of a long-sleeved blazer with golden buttons on the sleeve and collar. The uniform also consists of slim fitting jeans and black shoes

The female uniform has a white blouse, a sailor-style collar, a neckerchief and a black skirt. The uniform itself is a Seifuku.


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