Shin Yokozaki City

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Shin Yokozaki City is a small port city located in Japan that serves as the primary setting of XBlaze Code: Embryo and XBlaze Lost: Memories.


Shin Yokozaki City is infamously known for the Wadatsumi Incident that took place 10 years before the Embryo incident, in which a mysterious Black Typhoon appeared in the area surrounding the Wadatsumi Research Facility, causing more than 3000 people to disappear. This also resulted in an increased outbreak of Unions, which would plague the city for the next 10 years.


Official Descriptions

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Shin Yokozaki

The small city Touya currently lives in, it became somewhat notorious ten years ago as a result of the Wadatsumi Incident. It is now a mostly a peaceful place with very little in the way of drama or excitement. The site of the Wadatsumi disaster and the surrounding vicinity is now known as the Restricted Ward, and is off-limits to all unauthorized personnel. [1]

Shin Yokozaki City

Shin Yokozaki City. Famous primarily for the Wadatsumi Incident that happened ten years ago. A port town, it has many harbors and a bustling commercial district. [2]


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