Hakuo North Academy

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Kuon Glamred Stroheim displaying the female school uniform.

Hakuo North Academy is an academy in Shin Yokozaki City, Japan.


An academy in Shin Yokozaki that is well known for its relaxed admission policies and tendency to attract exceptional students. During the events of XBlaze Code: Embryo, the Mitsurugi Agency purchased the academy. Souichiro Unomaru claimed that this was a coincidence, but in reality it was to transfer Es to the school so she could closely guard Touya.[1] The same principle applied when Kuon Glamred Stroheim transferred to the school.[2] Touya Kagari and Es fought against Akira Kamewari on the school rooftop when he began to rapidly progress through phases as a Drive-Union, and they were able to stop him with their combined efforts.[3]

After the events of XBlaze Lost: Memories, Es transferred to the academy as an actual student and no longer as Touya's bodyguard.[4]



The male uniform for Hakuo North includes a white shirt, red tie, navy trousers, and a navy blazer. The academy's logo is on the collar of the shirt. The female uniform has a white blouse with golden buttons, a sailor-style collar, red neckerchief, and black skirt. The uniform itself is a Seifuku.

Official Descriptions

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Hakuou North Academy

Hakuou North Academy is an educational institution known for its somewhat laissez-faire regarding admission, though it tends to attract students with exceptional abilities. Hinata, Touya, and Akira are all student there.[5]


  • On occasion, Hakuo North Academy is spelled as Hakuou North Academy.


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