Chrono Phantasma (Those Who Should Not Exist)

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Celica A. Mercury, the only known member of 'Those Who Should Not Exist' in the C-Series.

The Chrono Phantasma (Those Who Should Not Exist) (居ない筈の者クロノファンタズマ) are individuals who do not belong in the time they are present in. They are similar to, but should not be mistaken for, the Chrono Phantasma (Phantoms of Time).


A Chrono Phantasma is simply someone who does not belong to the period of time they are in. They are an anomaly that should not exist, and because of this, will disappear in the space of a few months; this allotted time will shorten depending on how much power they exhaust. Chrono Phantasma's are weaker versions of the people they once were - Celica's ability to suppress seithr was far stronger when she was alive during the Dark War, but her innate power was much weaker when she was resurrected.

It is unknown how to specifically become a Chrono Phantasma. In Celica's case, a copy of her soul was made when she was a young adult during the Dark War, and after the original Celica's death nearly a century later, this copy was put back into the world by Kokonoe, creating a Chrono Phantasma.

Because they are anomalies, the Chrono Phantasma are immune to any form of Observation. They cannot be recognized by even the Amaterasu Unit, and this extends to the people they spend time with. The environment around them, however, can change - Celica was absorbed into the Embryo where everything around her became distorted, but she was unaffected and retained her memories when the majority of others had lost theirs to Phenomenon Intervention.[1]

In BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War, the units that are summoned through the games gacha system are Chrono Phantasma. They are given embodiment by the Observational powers of Rei and their Drive - End Gazer.[2]

Known Members

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Those Who Should Not Exist (Chrono Phantasma)

When cornered by Kokonoe, Hazama referred to Celica as this, as she was someone he had killed.

"Those who should not exist" are people who should not exist in the current time period. Because of this, they cannot be Observed by the system, and are not subject to Phenomena Interventions. The above effect also affects those who are deeply involved with them.[3]

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