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"As long as 'Evil' exists, then this body of mine will exist to destroy it."[1]
White Justice

Tokiwa Camellia


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BlazBlue: Central Fiction (cameo)
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White Justice (ホワイトジャスティス), more commonly known as Tokiwa Camellia (トキワ=カメリア), is a character in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War. A possibility of Tsubaki Yayoi, she has lived for an unknown amount of time and aims for the complete eradication of what she deems as evil. She travels between the Phantom Fields to exact her justice while wielding the Sealed Weapon Izayoi.

She first debuted in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War, and was revealed for the game on November 29th, 2021.


Physically, Tokiwa is nearly identical to the original Tsubaki, although her eyes are red and not blue. She has pale skin and long red hair which is tied into a ponytail. Her fringe is swept to the left and the sides of her hair fall in front of her shoulders, each length having two spherical ornaments on them. The Izayoi makes up Tokiwa's outfit, and stylises itself as a black bodysuit. Over this is a cream jacket with red cuffs, a popped collar, and white skirt; a window in the front of the jacket shows her bodysuit. Tokiwa has silver shoes and a necklace with a small ring attached to it.

As White Justice, the Izayoi changes into armor that resembles the Susano'o Unit. A white face mask comes to cover her mouth while two white horns adorn her temples. The black bodysuit remains, but over her shoulders and forearms is white armor with red veins. Her torso continues this armor, but at her hips it becomes segmented and purple. From her legs onward, the armor remains similar as before - white with red veins. On the nape of her neck is a Seithr Regulator, and on her back is a small mechanism used to hold her largest blade. Between her shoulder blades is a small plate with Izayoi (十六夜) engraved on it.


There is one thing that ultimately matters to Tokiwa: the slaughtering of evil. She believes the slaughter of it is necessary, but as for why she begun her crusade, she feigns ignorance. At one point in her past, she chose to eradicate evil to protect someone close to her, but ultimately failed to do so. She then chose to fight for the world, but was unable to complete this objective as well. In order to truly eradicate all despair she has chosen to dedicate her life to evil's destruction and in all the Possiblities that lead to its existence. The evil that Tokiwa aims to destroy includes not just the Black Beast, but those with a Calamity Factor included within them.

The philosophy that she employs for the Observers of the Phantom Fields, namely to free them from their fate, has come from her experiences with Noel Vermillion back when she lived her life as Tsubaki. Knowing the pain that Noel suffered and inflicted through her inability to control her power as the Eye of the Azure has lead Tokiwa to believe that the ability to distort through one's will is not something that should exist. In order to exact this and her justice, Tokiwa has thrown away parts of what made her human and augmented herself beyond the capabilities of one.

Tokiwa is blunt and straightforward. She does not hesitate to call out lies spoken to her face, and can make astute deductions of the people in front of her. Even with newfound allies, she will not hesitate to strike them down should they be the evil that she abhors. Hakumen, to her, is a symbol of strength that she admires. Tokiwa will push forward beyond her own sentimentality and even slay shadows that resemble some of closest friends, no matter how alike they may look. In spite of the genuine seriousness of both her words and the beliefs behind them, Tokiwa maintains an almost chilling joviality about her life mission.

In spite of her loss of humanity, there are times when Tokiwa will reminisce about her past life and the friends she has lost. In the world that she came from, back when she was Tsubaki, Tokiwa lost both Noel and Makoto Nanaya. She still retains the same likes, dislikes, and hobbies as the original Tsubaki.

Powers and Abilities

The Sealed Weapon Izayoi has developed into a special weapon for Tokiwa, as it functions as her clothing, sword, and armor. The entirety of the Izayoi is constantly Observing her, making it possible for her to travel between the Boundary and not be influenced by its all distorting nature. This Observation affords her additional protection from Observers as well, as they have difficulty recognising Tokiwa as she wears the Izayoi.

In battle, Tokiwa demonstrates her swordsmanship through the effortless decimation of her opponents. Seithr Beasts stand little chance against her as she cuts through them with little effort. Raabe noted that her level of skill would take an age to reach.[2] In terms of overall strength, she is able to keep up with the likes of Hakumen.

Her body has been augmented repeatedly over time in order to overcome any physical limits when fighting, putting her strength far above that of the average person. Because of this, there are only some parts of her that are still human. She does not need to eat as Izayoi's constant Observation keeps her nourished. Tokiwa's seemingly extreme lifespan has given her a well of experience and memories that she can draw from in order to understand the various Phantom Fields that she ventures to, as well as their residents. She can easily recognise Observers as a result of this experience.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Profile

Every epoch, every location, she has witnessed with her own eyes. Her name, her age, and everything else about her is wrapped up in enigma. She has modified her body time and time again, piling on the enhancements, giving her the power to freely cross the Boundary.

The white armor that covers her head to toe is the "Sealed Weapon - Izayoi."[3]


  • Despite using the name White Justice, she and everyone around her more commonly refers to her by her chosen name of Tokiwa.
  • White Justice first appeared in an after-credits sequence in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. The majority of her appearance was obscured, leaving only her hair and her Sealed Weapon Izayoi visible. Datamining revealed that she was called "Izayoi".
  • While the armor and sword that White Justice wields resemble both the Susano'o Unit and the Nox Nyctores - Interfectum Malus: Ookami, respectively, they are actually a form taken on by her Sealed Weapon Izayoi.
  • While she does not need to eat, she still can if she so chooses. However, she chooses not to because food reminds her of how Noel Vermillion enjoyed cooking, and so brings back memories of the world and loved ones that she lost.[4]
  • White Justice is illustrated in the following Grimoire for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War:


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