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Babel (バベル) is an organization lead by Hearn that aims to wipe out distorted worlds, such as Phantom Fields.[1] They made their debut in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War as its main antagonists.


Babel claim that they were given life and purpose by someone they refer to as The Creator. Their motives and origins are a mystery, but they ultimately aim for the removal of distorted worlds. They subtly observe Phantom Fields, gathering information on them and are even capable of their destruction through the use of a Bringer of Destruction.



  • It is heavily hinted, but unconfirmed, that everyone within Babel is a Prime Field Device with the exception of Another Dark Mai.
  • Due to BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War terminating its service after Chapter 5 of the main story, Babel went largely unexplored and there was little information revealed about them.
    • Deuraus never made their debut beyond a small speaking role in Chapter 4.


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