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Ninth Squadron

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Captain Grimwood Huster and Corporal Karenjina Parsett.

The Ninth Squadron, also known as the Hound Unit, was a unit in the Novus Orbis Librarium that was active during the Ikaruga Civil War, being the unit that Jin Kisaragi was assigned to during the conflict. They were led by Captain Grimwood Huster.

It was presumably dissolved after the end of the civil war.


During the Ikaruga Civil War, many weapons were being tested by the NOL on the front lines. During this time, the Ninth Squadron was deployed to these front lines, becoming a unit that specialized in weakening the forces of the Ikaruga Federation and Sector Seven. Instead of killing their opponents, however, the squadron had explicit orders to allow other units to take the kills instead so that they could receive glory and promotions. They became known as the Hound Unit because of this, being compared to hunting dogs.[1]

After the destruction of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, Grimwood led the squadron into a laboratory that was researching Drives and souls. There, they rescued Karenjina Parsett, who later joined them after discovering that her brothers likely perished alongside Ibukido; she was determined to discover the truth surrounding the war. Grimwood had ties to Kokonoe at Sector Seven and was aware that the war was a farce for the NOL to obtain something, although he was unsure what.

The end of the Hound Unit.

In 2197, Jin Kisaragi was assigned to the squadron with Corporal Honoka joining them as his assistant. Immediately afterwards, they were deployed to the front lines to fight against a rock giant and then again to a Sector Seven laboratory to retrieve the stolen Nox Nyctores - Deus Machina: Nirvana. They arrived too late, and were forced to fight against an army of Ghouls that were reanimated by Relius Clover. The squadron succeeded but were unable to find Nirvana.[2] Some time later, the squadron was forced to attack the castle in the 8th Hierarchical City of Wadatsumi. Although Grimwood was at odds with the order, he was forced to comply and the group discovered a secret entrance into the castle using Karenjina's Drive.

Karenjina and Honoka were ordered to stay behind, and Jin was separated from the rest of the squadron. He fought against a monster constructed of liquid seithr and bested it by freezing its body. At the same time, the rest of the unit was ambushed by Meifang Lapislazuli, the leader of the NOL's Zero Squadron. She killed Owl and two other soldiers before defeating Grimwood and lifting him by his neck with one hand. By the time Jin caught to the others, they had been wiped out. Meifang decapitated Grimwood after he called her a monster and Jin was imprisoned shortly afterwards.[3]

Jin was haunted by Meifang's actions.

The squadron was seemingly dismantled after Grimwood's execution. Karenjina was captured and tortured by the Zero Squadron soon afterwards, losing the ability to activate her Drive. Jin was soon released from his cell and ended the war a few days later by killing Tenjo Amanohokosaka, the leader of the Ikaruga Federation. Honoka revealed his true identity to Jin and ate his memories concerning Tenjo's death.[4] Jin, however, remembered what Meifang had done to Grimwood and Karenjina, harboring a great hatred for her and later exacting his revenge a year later in 2198 by helping Mai Natsume kill her.[5]


  • Captain Grimwood Huster - leader; deceased
  • Corporal Karenjina Parsett
  • First Lieutenant Jin Kisaragi - ended the war and became known as the Hero of Ikaruga; was promoted to Major after the war
  • Corporal Honoka - Jin's assistant; was actually Hazama in disguise
  • Owl - deceased
  • Two other unnamed soldiers; deceased


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