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The Orbis Libararius Norma (虚空情報管理機関こくうじょうほうかんりきかん), abbreviated as the OLN, was an organization that existed during the Dark War. It was comprised of members from outside the Magister's City of Ishana and later merged with the Mage's Guild to become the Novus Orbis Librarium in the war's aftermath.


An administrative organization formed by countries around the world that had survived the onslaught of the Black Beast during the Dark War. They doubled as both a research facility and a library that collected weaponry, foundations on magic, and information concerning Ars Magus. In the power vacuum created by the Dark War's destruction, the OLN rose to the top of this struggle thanks to the manipulation of Kazuma Kval and Yuuki Terumi.

As the organization was formed early on in the history of Ars Magus, the OLN resorted to primarily using firearms, such as rifles or handguns, and melee weaponry, such as swords.


The earliest known official movement of the OLN was after the first successful battle against the Black Beast. They were positioned to take over the management and control of Ars Magus from Nine the Phantom, the Mage's Guild, and the United Nations. They were given complete jurisdiction over matters concerning the Black Beast and Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi by the Committee of Hearing. Prior to the battle, they had been ordered to watch over Celica A. Mercury by Seven.[1] After being transferred power, the OLN was to arrest the Six Heroes and attempted to kidnap Celica from her hospital bed. They first went after the heroes after Nine had been arrested, but failed to capture them due their overwhelming strength. The OLN attempted to kidnap Celica, but she awoke and was protected by both the Nox Nyctores - Deus Machina: Nirvana and Hakumen. They were bested, failing to capture their target. and making their intentions known to both the Heroes and Ishana.[2]

The OLN then worked closely with the Mage's Guild, in particular Seven and Eight of the Ten Sages. They helped organize tens of thousands of innocent people to be moved into a small town in Asia. The purpose of which was to both bait the Black Beast and fuel Take-Mikazuchi. Multiple Ars Magus troops belonging to the OLN were stationed there, and were to be sacrificed as well, yet the OLN were content to let the event play out. The plan backfired in the worst way possible, leading to Take-Mikazuchi and a head of the Black Beast being teleported back to Ishana and crashing down into its center.[3]

Even though the OLN had an arrest out for the Heroes, they relented from completing the arrests both because they needed them to help win the war and also because of their fear of Hakumen.[4] Throughout the rest of the war, the OLN temporarily merged with the Mage's Guild to become known as Joint Headquarters, which managed the final efforts against the Black Beast. They allowed Nine to develop new weapons to combat the Beast, giving her as many mages as she needed to complete the task. As well as this, an army was sent to stall the Black Beast that was lead by Jubei, Valkenhayn, and Hakumen.[5]

This army managed to stall the Beast for a month, but over half their numbers were killed. However, Nine was successful in creating new weapons - the Nox Nyctores.[6] They then listened to a plan created by Hakumen that would involve teleporting the Black Beast above a cave filled with crystals that neutralize seithr. Banking on this final plan, Joint Headquarters agreed and allowed the Heroes to take control of both the OLN and mages in the hopes of being able to kill the Black Beast. Ultimately this plan was successful.[7]

After the war ended, Joint Headquarters dissolved back into the OLN and Mage's Guild. A short time afterwards and they permanently merged to become the Novus Orbis Librarium.


The uniform of the OLN consists of white and blue, similar to the modern NOL colours. It is only described as uniform-like from Celica's perspective.

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Orbis Librarius Norma

An organization established at the end of the Dark War to manage the ‘Grimoires.' It changed its name to the ‘Novis Orbis Librarium' soon thereafter. [8]


  • There are no named members of the OLN


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